2021 40 Day Fasting & Warfare

From January 1 - February 10, 2021, we will do many things in this 40 days of consecration. This is a journal of that time.

Questions & Answers

How are we fasting with WATB?

Level One - WATER ONLY - I encourage you to start out doing only water and flush out all the demons LOL.   Go as long as you can on only water until you feel the Lord telling you to go to next level. For some this may be one day or seven or three weeks. No judgment either way.

Level Two - FAST ONE MEAL - For this just do water only during that time (morning, noon or 6 pm). Then the other two meals eat the WATB Health Regimin. 

Level Three - WATB Health - On this one follow below.

WATB Health Regimin involves the following:

  • All organic foods - vegetables and fruit (doesn't have to be specific organic but only fruits and vegetables - natural things)
  • No white foods - rice, potatoes, bread, etc. (Bread can be a healthy wheat but under 40 cal.
  • No sweets
  • Only water - no sugar stuff or unhealthy things
  • Only eat white meat - red meat once a week for iron

The whole point of the 40 day fast is to deny ourselves. We are beating our bodies into submission. Many of us have gained weight this year and this is a great way to take our bodies back. We are at a critical time in our walk with God and we need to hear him!

Juicing is a great way to fast. See video below:


  • Dr. June and Brock will meet you at 6 a.m. CST every morning to deliver a word. This is a great discipline time to rise up early and allow the Lord to minister to us.
  • We will not do this on the weekends - only Mon through Fri to give people time with their families and rest for the warfare Mon-Fri. We still keep the fast on the weekends.

We will do videos daily Mon - Fri during the 40-Days