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WATB informs the Bride through news, radio, teachings, publishing books and relationships. Home of WATB.tv, WATB Radio, TreeHouse Publishers, and our global WATB Family

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WATB has a global outlook on the church as a whole. We inform the Bride with truth so they can be successful in their mission.


Acts 21:14 - The WILL of the Lord be Done!

The History of WATB Ministries
The Story of the White Dress

Dr. June wrote a blog to show the Bride the heart of the ministry. Read about it...

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We are the Bride Ministries is a communications hub for the Bride in the last days. We publish the gospel through radio, television, publishing and online.

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Dr. June's Books are about the end of times and the church as a whole.  They are end time prophetic books. Brock's book is about his time in Heaven with Jesus. His book is changing the world.

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Publishing the gospel of Jesus Christ.

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