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It has been a challenge to follow me online because Big Tech does not like my honest news. They know I am "too close" and know "too much" so they cut me off every way they can. For right now, I'm still able to do video production but only on the YouTube channel.

Here's all the channels ON YOUTUBE and what they are for:

WATB Ministries is for Church, not news is for Road Trips, Random things & Bible Studies because this channel has 2 strikes and 1 copyright strike. So, it's on borrowed time.

WATBtv NEWS is the newest channel. It will be the new NEWS channel. We will do short videos and once a week intentional global news on Monday nights.

Dr. June Knight channel is for her personal use and backup to the others. It has a strike now because YouTube lied and said she was supporting President Trump. They know she's not. website shows the live shows EVERY TIME. You can always watch and chat here on the website.