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Prayer Journal & Bible Study Notes

Specifically for WATB Family, why not take notes and journal in a personalized notebook with Pastor Dennis & Dr. June's wedding picture on it reminding you to pray for them and the ministry. Record your most precious memories with Jesus as you remember you are a part of the global WATB family.

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Want to know important information like wars, invasions, etc.?

TEXT to Join our BLASTS for programming & important information. This messaging will be to notify you of:

Text WATB to 855-724-0138 to Join our

BLASTS for programming & important information

Phone and Text - ‪(731) 307-2062‬

As we work to improve communications to our family out there, we changed our number. Please delete all other numbers and use this to communicate with us. We will use this for ministry communications.

Ministry to the Bride of Christ

Preaching, Social, Game Nights, Education, News & More

We are the Bride Ministries is a very eclectic ministry in that it has church, ministry farm, news, game nights, social app & more

Weekly Prayer Calls
Join the Family to Seek God Daily! 7:30 a.m. M, Tu & Th CST

Dial-in number (US): (518) 992-1139

Access code: 7313072062#

International dial-in numbers:

Online meeting ID: watb

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We are an end-time ministry preparing the church for their final mission. We must GO in order for Him to FLOW. We must ACT  in order for Him to REACT. In order for Him to part the Red Sea, we must take our foot and GO!


~~~~>Dr. June Wehr


Garden of Eden Farm
Place of Prayer and Worship for the End-Time Bride

Located in Decaturville, Tennessee....this Farm will house We Are The Bride Ministries and TreeHouse Publishers. It is in preparations for what is coming to the Earth.