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Hello Bride,

We are the Bride Ministries wants you to know the true heart of our ministry. Here is the story of WATB Ministries:

This ministry was born in 2005 in World Harvest Bible College. I was on the platform singing in the college choir (my major was Praise & Worship Leadership). I went into an open vision and stood before the throne. God said, “Do you remember that Bride I showed you at Brock’s meeting years ago? That is you. You are going to show the Bride that I am the true husband and will take care of them.” There’s more to this story, but to make it short, when I made it back to the seat in the college chapel, Pastor Rod Parsley (PRP) came in out of nowhere and took the microphone and said, “I don’t know who this is for, but God told me to come and preach to someone that We Are The Bride. And he preached the birth of this ministry. I cried the whole time. Following that Bible College I went to secular college, Austin Peay State University. I went there for five years and received my bachelor’s degree in Public Relations. I did a film to show the college how the 42% of the non-traditional students like me were being neglected at the school and this is our college and our time as well. The school loved it and started a whole department focusing on the older population. Because of this, they paid for my master’s degree and hired me as a graduate assistant to work it off. Also, they sent me to London to study communications.

While I was there I discovered the human implantation chip – the RFID – radio frequency identification device.  I wrote a 20-page paper about it and made a 100 on it and in the class. My Corporate Communications Director, my boss, was so proud of me that he allowed me to use that paper for my college thesis and offered me to receive a free doctorate at the University of Illinois. He wanted me to be his protégé and become a communications professor. God said no. This decision cost me my honors at the college by one point.

Following graduation my true journey began with the birthing of this ministry.  In 2013 after I finished college and graduated with my master’s degree in Corporate Communications, I was looking forward to a high-paying job. However, God would not let anyone else hire me and insisted I get on my face and get right with him. After five months of stubbornness, I finally surrendered. When I surrendered I heard these commands that summer:

“I want to use your talents, gifts and skills to help MY people. I am your BOSS.”

“I want you to pray with people on their deathbed.”

“I want you to travel and serve ministries. Teach them what you know to help their churches and they will help you to learn the backside of the ministry.”

I had no idea it was to send me all across the country for years with nothing and learn the fabric of the church so that when He put me in the White House I could actually represent the church and know the truth of what is happening out there. So picture this:

·         God sent me to Columbus Ohio May 2015 to discover my destiny of WATB

·         God sent me to secular college (APSU) to prepare for the WH 2007-2012

·         God sent me to London to see the Internet of Things & RFID 2012

·         God begins the PIT process in 2013 – lose it all like Joseph and serve for 3 years

·         Officially file with government in 2015 for We are the Bride Ministries, Inc.

·         In 2015 I started the Radio & TV

·         In 2016 I traveled the country to kick off television and began serving ministries

·         In 2017 came Trump. 40 Days Prayer then kickoff of MAGA Revival 6 month tour

·         In 2018 did 40 day again & God sent to Washington DC with $9 and a suitcase

·         In 2019 God calls me out in November and supernaturally pulls me out

·         In 2020 God moves me to Brock’s house in Atlanta and Good Morning on the Farm begins

·         Then God moves us to Winchester, TN and gives an office to begin the work

·         From London to DC was 7 years! Who would have dreamed the journey! From London to the White House!

During those seven years of journey, the Lord had me write ten books. Most books were about the church, the Bride. I’ve written about the purity of her, the condition of the church, the global outlook of her and the heart of her. I’ve written about the apostasy, the idolatry and the global deception that is trying to destroy her. My masters is Corporate Communications which is designed to look at the big picture and define the problem to present a solution. The Lord defined the big IMAGE OF THE BEAST and now my job is to help the bride to see the image and make right decisions in the end of days.

God took me on this journey since 2005 to be a lighthouse unto the nations of purity, holiness and protecting that white dress. Jesus is coming back after a Bride without spot and wrinkle. I have spent the last few years exposing those spots and wrinkles so that the Bride can remain ready for her King.

Now I’m partnered with my son Brock and his wife Laura. They bring a special flavor to the Bride. Brock is gifted at teaching doctrine and a pastor’s heart. He is a great teacher and trainer. Laura is a health coach and young mother. She just had their second child. Between us three and our staff, we accomplish this mission through radio, television, conferences, bible studies, church, publishing books and relationships. 


I hope my story blesses you Bride. I want you to see the heart of We are the Bride Ministries. In my heart I see a Bride standing on that sea of glass after she has fought a bloody war in her journey from Earth to Heaven. So, the Bride is standing before God and her gown is beautiful white and glistening with joy. This Bride needs help to keep her focus on the Earth so that she will not be tainted, spotted and destroyed. We are the Bride Ministries is that guard at the gate to warn the Bride of impending danger and the falsities the enemy puts out. We do this through radio, television, publishing, church, and relationships. The dress must stay white.

Ephesians 5:27

“That he might present it to himself a glorious church, not having spot, or wrinkle, or any such thing; but that it should be holy and without blemish.”

Love you all, Dr. June Knight, Founder - We are the Bride Ministries

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