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WATB is proud to announce that we now have a children's channel on YouTube focused on teaching children how to navigate through these hard days. Check out the channel!

Momma June will be singing songs, using puppets and preaching the word of God to where children can understand it! 

More Info:

Down Home on the Farm with Mama June will focus on issues pertaining to children in the last days. This will be a teaching platform to help children finish their missions.

  • Every Saturday at 9 a.m. CST
  • Will learn songs!
  • Will learn scriptures
  • Will learn biblical principles to navigate these rough days


About Mama June:

Mama June (also known as Dr. June), is a White House Correspondent with a love for teaching. She was shocked to discover that she had a huge children's audience who follows her. She hopes this show will help them navigate the end of days.


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