Genesis 4
Book of Genesis Pt 4

1/23/2022   Book of Genesis Chapter 4 with Mama June

Cain tilled the ground and offered up to God a portion of his fruits. Abel was a keeper of the sheep and offered God the firstlings and best of his flock. God respected Abel but did not respect Cain. Cain’s countenance fell and he became angry; his anger turned to bitterness. 

Mama June credits Dr. Phillip Morris for the visual lesson liking the root of bitterness to a carrot in the ground. The stalks of the carrot are the expression of the root of bitterness.-anger-rejection-jealousy-murder-lying-cursing-spitefulness-lack of trust/suspicious-envy-pride-covetousness-hate-gossiping/slander

Mama June examines the Godly qualities of the blood as verse 10 tells us Abel’s blood cries from the ground. God created life and life is in the blood, it carries oxygen; the blood is the breath of God!

God cursed Cain to be a fugitive and a vagabond in the earth after he slew Abel. Cain was scared and went out from the presence of God.

Mama June makes reference to the story in scripture of Korah, God’s judgement swallowing Korah and the people with him to the pit of hell. She warns against reading the book of Enoch, referring to it as mystical and of Hebrew roots.