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Dr. June explores all the many ways this word is being used. It is a ying/yang description. They want you to think it's freedom as in Braveheart's hero screaming FREEDOM as he's dying. But no, it's not that type of freedom. This word means FREE - EDOM.

It means to free the world of the white light (white supremacy) -

the Christians.

They want a world of lawlessness without God. They want the IMAGE of God removed. How do they do that? They taint us by injecting things to create a whole new creature within. They want to make humans transhuman. By removing the name of God out of humans, they will have accomplished their goal.

This is their FREEDOM day.

They want to have this world of either godlessness or a world going back to Hebrew Roots and serving a false god. That god of that faith is not the true God. Our God does not mix with the Talmud, Kabballah, etc. Yes, we all believe in the Torah (first five books of the Bible)...but do they trust only that? There really are true Jews who live by the Torah only and do not mix with the abominations.

Did you know what the Talmud says about our Jesus? It's evil. So, the worldly antichrist spirit wants the church (true Bride) to be gone so they can have free reign to rule the earth without the image of Jesus here.

Remain in HIS image Bride.