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We received notice that we are now removed, again, from the Vimeo platform. They refuse to refund our $900 a year fee we paid this year because they are saying that we violated their rules.

They are upset over Dr. June Knight's interview with David Beverley. See interview below.

Then they found another news show about the V, Trump, etc., and kicked off the WATB platform. Through further investigation into their platform, they allow other channels to exist that are absolutely gross.


Look at this:

Vaccine Speak out NOT YET RATED 10 months ago   I

Interview with a #child who had to do #unimaginable things to other #babies including #killing them, #eating them and putting them in school dinners...    Also #forced to have sex with all the #teachers including her father. Which that father is the one who is forcing her and her #brother to do these #unforgiving crimes against #humanity...    This is the tip of an unimaginable #scale…  



This is only one channel example of the absurdity they allow on their platform but will not allow a legit White House Correspondent channel. This is insane. Would it do any good to get an attorney at this point in time? Probably not. This happens to WATB right after YouTube gives a strike for a Trump Rally in which Dr. June gave her analysis. YouTube's position is that she is supporting President Trump's claim that he lost the election. Needless to say we appealed and explained that this video is in no way supporting President Trump. They still maintained their position and gave a second strike to the channel which kicks us off for two weeks and is only one strike away from being removed from YouTube as well.

Please pray as Dr. June is leaving today for a week long sabbatical to hear from God about where WATB is headed from here. It is very apparant as the AI Beast machine is gaining more control online that the days of speaking truth through video is narrowing. We need to hear from God on how we are going to communicate to one another in the coming days.

One way is Dr. June writing eight books recently explaining the scenario we are looking at. You can find these books here: