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Major U.S. airlines warn 5G could ground some planes, wreak havoc

Tomorrow is January 19th.  What is going to happen when they turn it on?

WASHINGTON, Jan 17 (Reuters) - The chief executives of major U.S. passenger and cargo carriers on Monday warned of an impending "catastrophic" aviation crisis in less than 36 hours, when AT&T (T.N) and Verizon (VZ.N) are set to deploy new 5G service.

The airlines warned the new C-Band 5G service set to begin on Wednesday could render a significant number of widebody aircraft unusable, "could potentially strand tens of thousands of Americans overseas" and cause "chaos" for U.S. flights.

The Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) has warned that potential interference could affect sensitive airplane instruments such as altimeters and significantlyhamper low-visibility operations.



The campaign to ban gas stoves is heating up

We know they're coming after all fuels to use electric only. This soon?

Over the past three years, dozens of cities across the country have banned natural gas hookups in newly constructed buildings as part of a growing campaign to reduce carbon emissions from homes. The movement scored a major victory last month, when New York City’s outgoing Mayor Bill de Blasio signed into law a ban on gas hookups in new buildings.



This week as we are in the DAVOS 2022 Conference, we are learning that they are doing away with fossil fueld. Even the Prime Minister for India bragged about how far they are from being away from fossil fuels. I've been warning you Bride about all of this. IT IS COMING TO PASS. Don't believe the Republicans OR Democrats. Or Trump. They're all together to mislead our Christian country until the bottom falls out. They are slowly cooking her in a pot like a frog until this infrastructure is finished. (5G). When it is finished then you will see more force. This is why I'm trying to hurry with my books.


White House plots public reset as Biden's agenda flails

The president’s advisers are looking at a variety of ways for him to engage more with Americans, officials said.

With President Joe Biden rounding out his first year in office amid a sinking approval rating and multiple setbacks to his agenda, the White House is planning a new communications strategy, senior administration officials say.

Biden’s reset plan, senior administration officials said, is to make his conversations with members of Congress less of a public priority and to emphasize spending more time communicating directly with Americans. The officials said that the White House will continue negotiations with Congress over Biden’s legislative priorities but that it would stop releasing details of the talks to the public.



What a farce!


DAVOS 2022

Report from World Economic Forum

January 17, 2022 - Dr. June and Lesley break it down what happened on the first day of the conference. DAVOS IS the biggest meeting of the World Economic Forum. At this meeting they are telling the world their global plans. Main themes we heard:

1. Circular Economy is here

2. New World Order is here

3. Doing away with fossil fuels

4. Trump is lying to Americans (there is no right and left/Republican and Democrat - the FREEDOM FARCE IS A LYING FARCE - Anyone partnering with those people are working with the UN). They did not say Trump is lying BUT THIS MEETING PROVES WHAT I'VE BEEN TELLING YOU GUYS.

5. They want all countries involved.