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Fasting For Survival Lecture by Dr Pradip Jamnadas

Dr. Jamnadas details the rationale behind dietary restriction and fasting.

Dr. Jamnadas explains the difference between energy drinks and how our behavior shapes the way we eat and drink. We stopped listening to our body, etc. 


We are the Bride Ministries is in the middle of a fast and we are hearing great reports! Fasting is amazing!


T.D. Jakes LOGO

Notice the NO FACE man now. This is new!

My Thoughts:

Do you see the no-face agenda? What is this contraption covering his face? Is it a robot head? VR Glasses? Notice the X shape of his body (we've talked about that). You need to get my logo DVD's to learn why all of this is so important.  We know he partnered with Oprah and the New Age people, but this logo causes me to believe that maybe he's partnered with the UN agenda. What do you think? We've studied his logos before. They are foretelling!


Soul Machines Human OS 2.0

Introducing Soul Machines Human OS 2.0. The next generation of Digital People powered by Autonomous Animation are here.


Sam isn’t a real person — she’s a digital human created by Auckland-based tech company Soul Machines. Designed to have a short conversation with visitors about herself, she runs on a proprietary “digital brain” and studies my expressions via webcam. At one point Sam asks me to smile but can’t seem to register my biggest, brightest “cheese.” I wonder if I’m just bad at emoting. When she asks if I know what autonomous animation is, I respond “No, but you’re about to tell me.”

“Good answer!” Sam chirps. “You should come and do my job!” She then explains that it means her speech and action aren’t pre-recorded — she can respond to every moment like a natural interaction. Digital people running on Soul Machines’ dystopian-sounding Humans OS 2.0 can use their hands and will one day be able to use full-body motions. “Does that make me more relatable to you?” she asks.

All a Part of the New METAverse


This is transhumanism. This immersive experience they're talking about it taking the human brain and mixing it with this technology. This is the new world.