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Report by: Journalist Sister D

Date:  Wednesday, January 24, 2024

At 2:50 minute mark Trump just clearly reveals part of the 2024 plan. (When he says 100% three times, you know it's something he's trying to put into the kinds of people).  He says/repeats Sean Hannity (another news puppet) saying that there WILL be, 100% will be major terrorism this year because of the millions of bad people coming across the border.

This is clearly a predictive programming set up for Americans to expect many tragic "terroristic events" and then automatically blame them on the illegal border people. But will it be an inside government job?  Like government false flags all over the country? Yes, I think so.

And People will believe whatever Trump tells them it is. (Problem reaction solution) Also, I noticed that he snuck that phrase "the mentally ill" people; which is what he will eventually accuse conservative Christians of being (the Bride) - so Bible-believing Christians can be labeled as unstable, radical, and mentally ill, then labeled as a threat to their neighbors and the county.  Then hauled off to "re-education camps"; with the blessing of the average American just like the Jews were hauled off to "camps" years ago and no one cared because they were painted as such terrible people.

Divide and conquer techniques are so effective - especially in an election year when emotions are very high. 2024 will be highly emotionally-charged in America. But that's why we must as the Bride of Christ remain calm, steady and confident in the Word of God, relying fully on Jesus Christ and speaking the truth in love.

We must remain unstained by the world in the midst of so much evil, and also not be deceived by the world as well. We must be alert and putting on the full armor of God every day. Praise Jesus! His strength is made perfect in our weakness!

Thank you Lord! Amen!