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NEWS TODAY: Dr. June Knight shows Dutch Sheets prophecy saying " His mercy is coming." She communicates to the Bride what they mean by this is " Mercy triumphs over judgement." Explaining the Covenantal, Ecuminical Churches they have created. NAR (New Apostolic Reformation)  also teaches you to be extremely loyal to the leaders in the church. They believe they are going to change the world before Jesus comes back for His second coming. They teach Jesus did it all on the cross for you, and you don't have to do anything. Non repentance and a non convicting Jesus. Dr. June then conveys them partnering with the LGBTQ. NAR such as Dutch Sheets who's all wrapped up in this agenda hates the word 'Christianity.' Bringing us into a Judeo Christian Country. Just like President Trump says in his speeches. She exposes Dean Odle, a big Trump supporter also Blackrobe Regiment member who was a pastor and now all part of the America First Agenda. Calling the vaccines deadly, but supports the GODFATHER of the vaccine, TRUMP. She then presents the Trump Rally in Cullman, Alabama and the sadness that was. To see the crowd looking like empty shells, vaccines are running this country and the people down to nothingness. Almost zombie-like. Please Bride stay prayed up and reach to the Heavenlies for answers as you approach the things to come in the near future.