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Report By: Journalist Sister D

Date:  January 25, 2024 at Noon

(Note:  There is only one minor bad word (in a quote) in the first minute that maybe you can ignore.)

The militant young men pouring over the boarder: This is by far the biggest danger to America right now and what is actually sinking the ship. While the mass media has everyone focused on the election this year, or should we say 'selection', which we know is "the preplanned entertainment and theater,” there are thousands and thousands of military age males pouring across the open boarder and into the country. This may be the reason they put Biden in office, (a weak-looking senile grandpa), so that all this preplanned dangerous border nonsense and financial ruin, could be blamed on HIM as opposed to Trump. By the time Trump gets back in office IN Jan. 2025, the damage will have certainly been done!

And tons of laws will be passed that are disqcuized to control “the illegals”, but later turned against Bible-Believing disciples of Christ.   Some “PRE-crime” laws have already been passed.  Laws which allow the police to lock people up/detain them  indefinitely if they are suspected of committing a potential crime, based on mental illness OR “radical  religious views.”

The American people will go along with this because they will see it as a way to protect themselves (peace and safety) against radical Muslims etc..  I’m sure we will see a few obvious false flag events where the “perpetrator” is a Muslim , then suddenly in the next event, it’s a “Bible believing Christian” (Actor); thereby the media convincing the American people that “radical Christians” are “as dangerous as “radical Muslims.” 

Fear is the biggest manipulator of human behavior. We saw that for sure with the V!

"Fear those crazy Bible-Believing Christians" could be what they want the public to infer from the planned tragedies played out across every television evoking fear and strong emotion.  Obama AND Trump have expressed their support of pre-CRIME legislation. Remember Trump’s shocking statement when he said, “I say we take the guns first and then figure it out later.”  This was in response to a shooting reportedly done by a mentally ill male.

They will likely use that ole “problem-reaction-solution” method because it has worked so well in the past.

Let’s look at the big picture as this 2024  selection year moves forward and try to spot the agenda as it unfolds!

Of course we know the ultimate agenda of the AC, bodily indwelled by Satan, would be to utterly destroy the Bride of Christ.  But we also know full well that our Creator, our Heavenly Father loves us and that Satan will be defeated and cast into the lake of fire forever.

Let’s continue to have nothing to do with the evil deeds of darkness but rather expose them. Let us continue to be unstained by the world but as the Bride of Christ, let us purify ourselves even as he is pure as we await that glorious wedding feast!

                                                                                                                         Additional Notes by Sister D:

I recognize that Tucker is one of their media puppets playing the role of ultra conservative on the news state. Most all of those coming from FOX (666) News are controlled personalities, mostly Catholics from masonic Ivey league universities playing the far right characters in the left/right paradigm - two wings of the same bird.

It’s all part of the game to blame the liberals/Biden  for causing the boarder crisis which will sink the ship. Who knows they might even use a story that one of those “illegals“ attacks Mr. T. In a false flag event.

(There has been much predictive programming put out there about Mr. T getting harmed and not being able to take office.)
But it will likely just be more AI, clone shenanigans, or CGI theatre.

Only time will tell.

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