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NEWS TODAY! Dr. Knight Explains the "IMAGE." The revival, the rise up, and take America back, The GREAT AWAKENING. The image of the Beast tunes you into the AGENDA. The UN Global Agenda to have you comply with their new Utopia, the New World. Mike Lindell was Hacked right after announcing that he will give $5 million to anyone who disprove his allegations of voter fraud. Along with his Cyber Symposium with all UN colors and data nodes in the background all connected to this GLOBAL AGENDA. Which she clearly explains how all this is supposed to keep you hooked and distracted for this to roll out. She points out Rand Paul's FREEDOM FARCE, with his masonic hand movements telling you to fight for your FREEDOM, which we know as the Bride, FREEDOM IS GONE. It's another distraction and false hope. Stating 'if you don't put the kids back in school, I withhold funding to you.' If someone was out for your greater good, then why would they want your children part of this Atrocity!!!!! Ask yourself this Bride, Why do they want your children? Why give pregnant women the vaccine? What are they trying to do? Could it be DEPOPULATION. Listen while Dr. June Knight blows the horn on many other facts.