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NEWS TODAY! Dr. June Knight tells the Bride to prepare for the things that are coming nationwide. Pointing out Tennessee governor Bill Lee signing EXECUTIVE ORDER 83. "Order Authorizes National Guard, Quarantines, Involuntary Commitment For Certain Healthcare." Tennessee is the Bible Belt of the country with the most evangelical Christians. She includes that in the EXECUTIVE ORDER for Tennessee that it is doused with UN AGENDA, NOAHIDE, AND ECCUMINICAL. All while diverse in " cultural expression" to educate Tennessee "relearn traditional God and PRINCIPALS."  Exposing the Executive Order stating they have a staffing problem, any healthcare with any background is welcome to have a job in facilities and care sites. STAFFING THE CAMPS. AKA MEDICAL MARTIAL LAW. She goes on to tell the Bride how the world is having the BIGGEST RESURGE of Covid and they want to send the kids back to school. DOES THAT MAKE ANY SENSE? NO! She exposes the Nashville Tea Party and Ben Cunnigham founder and president. Stating they used to stand up for the constitution and liberty but now are partnering with Trump and this GLOBAL AGENDA. Also warning the Bride that Apple is checking your phone for child abuse images, now is the time to DELETE ALL PHOTOS AND VIDEOS on devices and SOCIAL MEDIA. Making the announcement of Fireside Chat to discuss Aug 11th FEMA & FCC TEST MESSAGES.