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* This Christmas Nothing's Stopping Us/ Tesco

* Austria Orders Nationwide Lockdown For The Unvaccinated

* Cop26 World Leaders From Nearly 200 Nations Reach Climate Agreement

* Dr. Fauci Just Issued This Urgent Warning To Vaccinate People 

* Hackers Compromise FBI Email System Send Thousands Of Messages

* The Human Energy Dominance Project

* Russia Sets Implement Some Of World's Toughest Covid-19 Restrictions

* Cambridge University To Build Carbon Credit Marketplace On Blockchain

* Kamala Harris Comments On Belarus Border Crisis In Relation To U.S. On Border

* Video: Temple Movement Rabbi Proselytizes For Genocide

* Is Putin Losing His Patience With Belarus?

* WATB Church- Pastor June Knight "As In The Days Of Noah- The Door Is Closed Of Warning" 


This Christmas, Nothing’s Stopping Us l Tesco #NothingsStoppingUs

After last year, we’re determined to make it a good one. This Christmas, #NothingsStoppingUs




Austria Orders Nationwide Lockdown For The Unvaccinated


The move prohibits unvaccinated people 12 and older from leaving their homes except for basic activities such as working, grocery shopping, going for a walk — or getting vaccinated.

Authorities are concerned about rising infections and deaths and that soon hospital staff will no longer be able to handle the growing influx of COVID-19 patients.

“It's our job as the government of Austria to protect the people,” Chancellor Alexander Schallenberg told reporters in Vienna on Sunday. “Therefore we decided that starting Monday ... there will be a lockdown for the unvaccinated.” Read More 



COP26: World Leaders From Nearly 200 Nations Reach Climate Agreement

Nearly 200 nations reached a climate agreement on Saturday at COP26 with an unprecedented reference to the role of fossil fuels in the climate crisis, even after an 11th-hour objection from India that watered down the language around reducing the use of coal.




Dr. Fauci Just Issued This Urgent Warning To Vaccinated People


The U.S. has been fighting the COVID pandemic for nearly two years now. While we all hoped that the virus would be eradicated by now, a full year since the introduction of highly effective vaccines, slowing vaccination rates and a fast-spreading variant kept the pandemic in full swing over the summer. According to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC), only 58.5 percent of the U.S. population is fully vaccinated, leaving more than 60 million people unvaccinated despite being eligible. But while health officials caution that the unvaccinated are most at risk right now, some experts now say that vaccinated people should also be on high alert.

On Nov. 12, White House COVID adviser Anthony Fauci, MD, went on The New York Times' podcast The Daily to discuss the current state of the coronavirus in the U.S. According to Fauci, officials are now starting to see some waning immunity against both infection and hospitalization several months after initial vaccination. The infectious disease expert pointed toward incoming data from Israel, which he noted tends to be about a month to a month and a half ahead of us in terms of the outbreak. Read More 



Hackers Compromise FBI Email System, Send Thousands Of Messages


Nov 13 (Reuters) - Hackers compromised a Federal Bureau of Investigation email system on Saturday and sent tens of thousands of messages warning of a possible cyberattack, according to the agency and security specialists.

Fake emails appeared to come from a legitimate FBI email address ending in, the FBI said in a statement.

Although the hardware impacted by the incident "was taken offline quickly upon discovery of the issue," the FBI said, "This is an ongoing situation."

The hackers sent tens of thousands of emails warning of a possible cyberattack, threat-tracking organization Spamhaus Project said on its Twitter account.

A copy of an email posted by Spamhaus on Twitter showed a subject line of "Urgent: Threat actor in systems" and appeared to end with a sign-off from the Department of Homeland Security.

The FBI is part of the Department of Justice. Read More 



The Human Energy Dominance Project..

Technology enabling cell control and frequency in humans happening




Russia Set To Implement Some Of World’s Toughest Covid-19 Restrictions


Russia could be set to introduce some of the toughest Covid restrictions in the world, including a sweeping QR-code mandate for adults, if a draft law is passed by the country’s parliament.

The proposed law would require QR-code Covid passes to enter stores, cultural venues and cafes until June 1, 2022 – but would not come into effect until February.

“Realizing that our citizens need to be given the necessary time to get vaccinated and draw up the necessary documents, for those who do not have them, the bill establishes a transitional period. The full use of certificates would enter into force on February 1, 2022,” Deputy Prime Minister Tatyana Golikova said on Friday.

Until then, unvaccinated citizens would have an alternative way to enter venues by showing a negative PCR test, but only having severe medical conditions would enable one to bypass the mandate starting from February.

The QR-code pass would be required for many public places as well as public transportation, but not for grocery stores, shops that sell necessities, and pharmacies.

The passes will also be required for travel by rail and for long-distance and international flights. Until the law takes effect, rail operators and air carriers can require proof of a negative PCR test. Read More 



Cambridge University To Build Carbon Credit Marketplace On Blockchain


The University of Cambridge is developing a blockchain-based market for trading carbon credits that will support reforestation projects to preserve biodiversity.

  • The U.K. university has established the Cambridge Centre for Carbon Credits where computer scientists and conservation scientists will work together on the project.

  • The center will look at how the purchase of carbon credits can be used to fund nature-based solutions preserving biodiversity.

  • The marketplace will be built on the Tezos blockchain, chosen because it is a sustainable option.

  • A carbon credit is a permit that allows the holder to emit a certain amount of carbon dioxide or other greenhouse gas, such as methane.

  • The Cambridge project joins other blockchain climate initiatives announced in the run-up to the COP26 conference in Glasgow, Scotland as concern over global climate change has mounted. In July, China introduced a carbon trading system, to be followed by a token-based carbon neutrality project in Singapore in September. Read More 



Kamala Harris Comments On Belarus Border Crisis In Relation To US Southern Border

At a press conference on Friday, Vice President Kamala Harris spoke about the border crisis between Poland and Belarus.




Video: Temple Movement Rabbi Proselytizes For Genocide


While his public statements of compassion for marginalized groups have earned Pope Francis the respect of many, the Holy See’s diplomatic recognition of the Palestinian Authority as the “state of Palestine” in June ignited the fury of rabbis with links to the Israeli government, army and academia.

On 9 September, a group calling itself the “Nascent Sanhedrin” (a reconstituted council of Jewish sages) held court in Jerusalem and accused the pontiff and other world leaders of crimes against the Jewish people.

Speaking to a crowd of about 40 men and a handful of women at the Diaspora Yeshiva seminary in the Old City of Jerusalem, the leaders of the Sanhedrin gave a series of speeches excoriating Pope Francis, US President Barack Obama, the European Union, the United Nations and other international bodies for not supporting Israel’s claims to “exclusive patrimony” over all of historic Palestine.

For three hours, the rabbis oscillated between accusing world leaders of plotting genocide against the Jewish people, and themselves calling for Jews to commit genocide against Muslims, Christians and other non-Jews.

The most extreme statements of the afternoon came from the head of this Sanhedrin, Rabbi Yisrael Ariel, who claimed that according to the 12th century Jewish sage Maimonides, the Jewish people are commanded to kill non-Jewish people who do not agree to abandon Christianity and Islam and be governed by Jewish law. Read More 



Is Putin Losing His Patience With Belarus?

Russian President Vladimir Putin said that Belarus had not consulted him before raising the possibility of cutting Russian natural gas flows to Europe adding that such a move would risk harming ties between Minsk and its key ally Moscow.




WATB CHURCH - Pastor June Knight - "As In The Days of Noah - The Door is Closed of Warning"