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News April 1, 2020 About CV19, Trump, Loans, etc.



 Hello,  Brad.  I'm  gonna  go  through  my  emails  and  we'll  discuss  the  news,  the  various  press  releases  that  I  received  today.

The  only  thing  the  president  had  on  his  schedule  officially  today  was  that  he  received  his  intelligence  briefing  and  he  participated  in  a  phone  call  with  military  families  of  COVID -19  response  and  then  they  did  the  press  press  briefing  this  afternoon.

The  president  also  approved  Montana  as  a  disaster  declaration  so  Montana's  added  to  the  list.  Today  was  sexual  assault  awareness  and  prevention  month  for  the  month  of  April.

They  say  no  person  should  ever  have  to  endure  the  anguish.  and  indignity  of  sexual  assault.  This  horrific  crime  affects  Americans  of  every  age, ethnicity,  and  socioeconomic  status.  During  National  Sexual  Assault  Awareness  and  Prevention  Month,  we  reaffirm  our  commitment  to  supporting  survivors  of  sexual  assault,
 encouraging  strong  criminal  justice  responses  to  these  crimes,  crimes  and  ending  the  scourge  of  sexual  violence  in  our  homes  and  communities.  Okay, so  I  thought  that  was  neat.  Then  we  also  have  National  Child  Abuse  Prevention  Month.  Childhood  should  be  filled  with  joy, hope,  unconditional  love  and  acceptance.  Tragically,  however,  far  too  many  of  our  nation's  young  people  people  spend  this  foundational  time  of  their  lives  in  fear, pain,  and  uncertainty.  And  during  abuse  and  neglect  that  threatens  their  health  and  well -being,  during  National  Child  Abuse  Prevention  Month,  we  condemn  this  horrific  depravity  and  reaffirm  our  unwavering  commitment  to  protecting  our  children  and  strengthening  our  families.

Now,  did  you  know  that...  that  the  month  of  May?  I  mean  April  was  dedicated  to  that  To  abuse  and  sexual  abuse  Okay, they  sent  a  notice  from  the  White  House  of  the  different  Private  sectors  coming  together  to  step  up  and  help  the  coronavirus.  So  you  know  that  we  have  GM, right?  right?  So  we  have  Ford.  Ford  is  collaborating  with  3M  and  GE  Healthcare  to  increase  the  production  of  ventilators  and  personal  protective  equipment.

So  it's  Ford  Motor  Company  is  helping  with  that.  Okay  Toyota.  Toyota  is  using  their  facilities  to  produce  face  shields and  collaborating  with  medical  device  companies  to  speed  up  manufacturing  of  vital  medical  devices.  General  Motors  is  manufacturing  respiratory  masks  and  working  with  venti  life  systems  to  mass  produce  ventilators.

Fiat  Chrysler,  so  all  of  the  motor  companies  and  and  we  it  just  makes  you  think  about  Michigan  because  this  is  where  most  of  them  are  located  now  is  in  Michigan  again  so  Fiat  Chrysler  is  manufacturing  and  donating  more  than  one  million  protective  face  mask  a  month.

Honeywell  has  doubled  their  production  of  N95  mask  and  intends  to  increase  its  capacity  fivefold  within  the  next  90  days.  3M  doubled  their  global  output  of  95  and  95  respirator  mask. My  pillow  has  dedicated  75 %  of  their  manufacturing  to  produce  thousands  of  masks  a  day.  Haynes  has  agreed  to  use  this  manufacturing  facilities  to  help  produce  medical  masks. Jockey  International  is  producing  isolation  gowns  and  donating  scrubs  to  medical  workers  at  the  Javits  Center  in  New  York.  Ralph  Lauren  announced  that  they  would  work  with  their  manufacturing  partners  to  produce  mask  and  isolation  gowns.

Brooks  Brothers  is  using  its  facilities  to  produce  a  hundred  and  fifty  thousand  masks  per  day.  Bauer  announced  they  will  be  repurposing  their  factories  to  begin  making  face  shields.  It's  a  whole  list.  I  could  go  through  that.  Okay,  let's  see  what  else  we  got  here.  They  had,  I  just  got  off  the  phone  with  my  best  friend  in  Washington.

She  is  the  one  that  is  the  White  House  Correspondent  for  South  Korea  and  I  asked  her  if  she  was  a  part  of  this. They  had  a  thing  at  the  State  Department  for  Asian  reporters  and  you  know  that's  asking  about  what's  happening  over  there  in  Asia. Okay  and  there's  that  information.  It  was  a  round  table  that's  what  she  said  it  was.  was.  We  have  also  in  April  is  National  Financial  Capability  Month. What  is  that?  Let's  see  what  it  is.  Okay,  Presidential  Message  on  National  Financial  Capability  Month  2020.

During  National  Financial  Capability  Month,  we  recognize  the  importance  of  national  financial  of  financial  literacy  to  a  free  and  prosperous  society.  And  we  commit  to  ensuring  that  all  Americans  have  the  resources  they  need  to  make  informed  financial  choices  and  provide  opportunities  for  a  brighter,
 more  secure  future.  Did  you  know  that,  Bry?  I  didn't  even  know  they  had  such  a  thing.  Okay,  let's  move  forward.  We  have  a  press  statement  from  the  State  Department  saying  they  have  a  concern  for  growing  violence  in  Rikin  and  Chin  States  in  Burma.

Okay,  let's  continue.  I  could  read  those  press  releases,  but  Okay, the  President  wrote  a  letter  to  the  Speaker  of  the  House  of  Representatives  and  the  President  of  the  Senate.  So  let's  see  what  he  said.  Dear  Madam  Speaker  and  Dear  Mr. President,  Section  202 (d)  of  the  National  Emergency  Emergencies  Act  50  USC  1622 (d)  provides  for  the  automatic  termination  of  a  national  emergency  in  less  than  90  days.

Okay,  so  it's  declaring  the  national  emergency.  Let's  see  what  it's  for.  The  situation  in  and  in  relation  to  South  Sudan,  which  has  been  marked  by  activities  that  threaten  the  peace, security,  and  stability  of  the  U .S.  South  Sudan  and  the  surrounding  region,  including  widespread  violence  and  atrocities.  Human  rights  abuses,  recruitment,  and  use  of  child  soldiers  attacks  on  peacekeepers, and  obstruction  of  humanitarian  operations  continues  to  pose  an  unusual  and  extraordinary  threat  to  the  national  security  and  foreign  policy  of  the  United  States.  Therefore,  I  am  determined  that  it  is  necessary  to  continue  the  national  emergency  declared  in  executive  order  13664  with  respect  to  South  Sudan.

So  that  will  remain  the  same.  Alright,  let's  see  the  next  one.  Okay,  that's  the  same  thing.  Okay,
 these  are  the  remarks  from  the  president  and  the  coronavirus.  Today  the  Treasury  Department  and  Small  Business  Administration  announced  further  details  on  Paycheck  Protection  Program, which  was  made  possible  by  the  $2  trillion  relief  bill  I  signed  into  law  last  week.  Nearly  $350  billion  in  loans will  soon  be  available  through  lending  partners  to  help  small  businesses  meet  payroll  and  other  expenses  for  up  to  two  months.  These  loans  will  be  forgiven  as  long  as  businesses  keep  paying  their  workers.

 Wow!  This  includes  sole  proprietors  and  independent  contractors,  but  I  wondering  I'm  wondering  because  of  all  that  we're  hearing  if  there's  going  to  be  a  stipulation  that  the  government  owns  part  of  their  business, because  let's  see.  This  includes  sole  proprietors  and  independent  contractors.  Applications  will  be  accepted  starting  this  Friday, April  3rd,  so  on  Friday,  April  3rd,  that's  when  it  begins.  Earlier  today,  I  spoke  with  leading  internet  and  phone  providers.  Here  we  go,  Brad.  Brad.  All  right, let's  see.  Who  are  doing  a  tremendous  job  of  keeping  our  internet  and  lines  of  communication  flowing  under  very  strongly  increased  strain?  The  business  is  more  than  anybody  has  seen  before  because  everyone  is  inside, they're  all  making  calls.  Among  the  leaders,  okay,  he's  told  all  the  names.  If  you  look  at  other  continents,  if  you  look  at  Europe,  they  went  a  different  route  than  we  did  and  much  different  route.  We  were  talking  about  that  just  a  little  while  ago  and  they're  having  tremendous  problems.  Other  countries  are  having  problems.  Okay, so  let's  see.  He  went  through  all  the  states  describing  what  everybody's  doing  in  Louisiana,
 New  York.  York.  Over  the  past  two  months, the  U .S.  State  Department  has  organized  one  of  the  largest  and  most  complex  international  evacuation  operations  in  American  history.  Mike  Pompeo  has  been  working  around  the  clock  along  with  Ambassador  O 'Brien  since  Since  January  29th, we  have  successfully  repatriated  over  25 ,000  Americans  from  more  than  50  countries  where  they  were  literally  stuck  in  some  cases  locked  in.

I  found  out  today  that  a  lot  of  our  missionaries  overseas  decided  to  stay.  Isn't  that  something  knowing  that  they  may  never  get  to  come  back?  I  want  every  American  to  be  prepared  for  the  hard  days  to  lie  ahead.

We're  going  to  go  through  a  very  tough  two  weeks  and  then  hopefully  as  the  experts  are  predicting,  as  I  think  a  lot  of  us  are  predicting,  after  having  studied  it  so  hard, you're  going  to  start  seeing  some  real  light  at  the  end  of  the  tunnel.  But  this  is  going  to  be  very  painful,  a  very  painful  two  weeks.  Alright.  right  let  me  see  which  one  this  was  from  I  think  this  was  yesterday's  yeah  it  was  okay  all  right  let's  see  President  Trump  approves  North  Dakota  where  I  was  at  this  winter  North  Dakota  disaster  okay  Okay, all  right,  I'm  looking,  hold  on.  Secretary  Pompeo's  been  making  a  lot  of  phone  calls.  all  right,  let's  see  Did  y 'all  hear  this  today  brad  that  Russia  is  going  to  be  giving  us  supplies  look?

This  is  the  press  release  about  it  US  purchase  wow,  I  didn't  know  we  bought  it  from  them.  Did  you?  U .S.  Purchase  of  needed  supplies  from  Russia.

The  United  States  is  committed  to  the  global  fight  against  COVID -19.  We  are  a  generous  and  reliable  contributor  to  crisis  response  and  humanitarian  action  across  the  world,
 but  we  cannot  do  it  alone.  The  countries  of  the  G20  agreed  last  week  to  work  together.  to  defeat  the  coronavirus  and  we  are  working  closely  with  these  countries  and  others  to  ensure  the  quickly  needed  supplies  get  to  those  in  need.

As  a  follow -up  to  the  March  30  phone  call  between  President  Trump  and  President  Putin,  the  United  States  has  agreed  to  purchase  needed  medical  supplies  including  ventilators  and  personal  protected  equipment  from  Russia  which  were  handed  over  to  FEMA  on  April  1st.  Now  does  this  make  you  think  right  about  what  we  learned  from  that  man  today?  Remember  what  that  scientist  told  us?  America  is  going  to  be  the  first  country  with  the  full  rollout  of  5G.

So  according  to  this  scientist  they're  getting  everything  in  place  because  when  they  cut  it  on  it's  going  to  kill  a  lot  of  people.  Now  I'm  just  just  saying  what  this  scientist  said  but  it  makes  sense  with  a  stockpile  and  everything  and  Getting  all  the  military  in  place  and  in  the  female  in  place  and  all  this  that  we  would  have  an  increase  I  guess  when  they  flip  the  switch  and  turn  everything  on  so  we  need  to  pray.

All  right,  so  both  countries  have  provided  human  assistance  to  each  other  in  times  of  crisis  in  the  past  and  will  no  doubt  do  so  again  in  the  future.

This  is  a  time  to  work  together  to  overcome  a  common  enemy  that  threatens  the  lives  of  us  all.  Today,
 President  Trump  spoke  with  President  Jair  Bassano -Roe,  I  don't  know  if  I'm  saying  the  right,  of  Brazil.  President  Trump  and  President  Bassano -Roe  discussed  efforts  to  combat  COVID -19  pandemic.
 The  two  leaders  noted  the  importance  of  a  coordinated  international  response  and  continued  partnership  in  Brazil.  including  a  commitment  to  working  closely  together  through  the  G20.

The  leaders  reiterated  the  significance  of  slowing  the  spread  of  the  virus  and  protecting  lives  through  shared  information,  member  bride  the  data,  increasing  preparedness,  which  which  means  military,  technology,  et  cetera,  and  cooperating  on  therapies  and  vaccine  development.

The  two  leaders  also  affirmed  their  continued  commitment  to  aggressively  safeguarding  jobs  and  incomes  using  all  available  tools  to  restore  global  economic  growth.

 The  president,  thank  you.  Brazil  for  its  ongoing  assistance  to  help  repatriate  American  citizens  seeking  to  return  home  and  praise  the  close  relationship  between  the  two  countries.

All  right,  we  approved  the  Commonwealth  of  Northern  Mariana  Islands.  Did  y 'all  know  they  were  a  part  of  the  United  States?  Northern  Mariana  Islands  disaster  declaration.  I  didn't  know  that.  Did  you?  Did  y 'all  know  that  in  April  is  World... No,  today  was  World  Autism  Awareness  Day.  World  Autism  Awareness  Day  is  a  tribute  to  the  millions  of  Americans living  with  Autism  Spectrum  Disorder.  Their  numerous  triumphs  over  many  and  varied  obstacles  are  a  testament  to  the  strength  and  resolve  of  the  American  spirit.

We  also  extend  our  gratitude  to  all  those  who  through  their  unwavering  dedication  to  supporting  Americans  with  ASD  help  empower  them  to  thrive  at  home  in  the  workplace  and  in  their  communities.
 communities.  That's  awesome.  I  know  people  that  have  children  that  have  autism.  Okay,  so  let's  see  here.  President  Trump  enhanced  counter  narcotics  operations.

What  is  this?  President  Trump  today,  the  United  States  is  launching  enhanced  counter  narcotics  operations.  in  the  Western  Hemisphere  to  protect  the  American  people  from  the  deadly  scourge  of  illegal  narcotics.
 In  cooperation  with  the  22  partner  nations  US  Southern  Command  will  increase  surveillance,  disruption,  and  seizures  of  drug  shipments  and  provide  additional  support  for  eradication  efforts  which  are  going  on  right  now  at  record  pace.

So  this  does  kind  of  make  you  think  that  some  of  the  things  that  Q  is  saying  may  be  true  about  these  mass  arrests.  Okay  so  Secretary  Esper, this  is  particularly  important  time  for  the  operation  to  begin  as  nations  around  the  world  shift  their  focus  inward  to  deal  with  the  coronavirus  pandemic.  Many  criminal  organizations  are  attempting  attempting  to  criminalize  on  this  crisis.

The  enhanced  operations  we  are  announcing  today  will  keep  the  pressure  on  these  criminal  groups  and  protect  the  American  people  from  the  devastation  caused  by  the  flow  of  illegal  drugs  into  our  country.
 Okay.  Protecting  military  members.  This  is  President  Trump.  Trump  talking.  Okay,  as  commander  in  chief,
 I'm  deeply  grateful  for  our  service  members,  their  spouses  and  their  children  whose  love,  devotion  and  sacrifice  keeps  America  strong.  Secretary  Esper, I'm  confident  between  the  commanding  officers  and  the  senior  non -commissioned  officers  that  they're  taking  every  reasonable  reasonable  precaution  to  make  sure  we  practice  as  best  we  can, social  distancing,  sanitizing  environments,  et  cetera,  consistent  with  that  mission.  Chief  of  Naval  Operations,  Adam  Admiral  Gilday.

In  terms  of  the  USS  Theodore  Roosevelt,  we're  making  great  progress  in  terms  of  testing  and  also  moving  people  also.  off  the  ship.  So  in  the  past  day  or  so, we've  moved  over  a  thousand.  That  number  will  increase  to  more  than  2700  by  Friday.  Okay,  so,  alright, well  that  is  it,  Brad.  that  I  can  see,  hold  on.  Well, they're  saying  that  this  Grammy -winning  singer  Who  is  a  young  man  seen  right  there  died  from  the  coronavirus?

 Country  star  Joe  Diffie  died  from  coronavirus  complications  at  age  61  actor  Mark  Blum  Dead  at  69  due  to  coronavirus  Bill  riflin  drummer  for  ministry  R. E.  M.  9  inch  nails  died  at  59.  I'm  just  kind  of  skimming  through  Fox  News  New  York  City  streets  empty  amid  coronavirus  pandemic  pandemic.

 Remember,  I  told  you,  Brian.  Brian,  that  this  was  their  slogan  for  this  One  World  Unity  look.  There  it  is,  America  Together.

 Send  us  your  photos  and  your  stories  of  the  coronavirus.  All  right, Brad.  Well,  I  guess  that's  all  that's  all  I  have  for  you.  Let  me  check  one  more  place  Oh, I  wanted  to  tell  you  something  I  noticed  today  in  the  press  conference  is  that  the  media  keeps  asking  these  questions  to  Trump  like  why  are  you  not  doing  a  national  shutdown? I  believe  they  are  preparing  the  nation  to  make  the  nation  to  make  it  look  like  the  nation  is  crying  out  for  a  national  martial  law.

 Are  y 'all  catching  on  to  this  too  or  am  I  just  exaggerating?  What  did  y 'all  catch  on  to  that  in  the  press  conference  today?  Because  it  says  right  here  on  AP  the  Associated  Press  it  says  Trump  resist  a  national  shutdown  leaving  it  up  to  states.

 I'm  gonna  see  how  they  word  this  because  that's  what  I'm  suspecting.  President  Donald  Trump  is  resisting  calls  to  issue  a  national  stay -at -home  order  to  stem  the  spread  of  the  new  coronavirus  despite  his  administration's  projections  that  tens  of  thousands  of  Americans  are  likely  to  be  killed  by  the  disease.

 Excuse  me,  one  by  one  those  states  are  increasing.  pushing  shut  down  orders  of  their  own  So  Trump  said  Wednesday  That  he  wants  to  give  governors  flexibility  on  whether  a  stay -at -home  policy  is  the  best  option  for  their  constituents  But  acknowledged  that  he's  looking  at  limiting  air  and  rail  travel  between  hotspots  within  the  United  States  the  president  remains  hesitant  to  press  a  unified  policy  even  after  the  White  House released  sobering  new  projections  on  Tuesday  that  100,000  to  240,000  Americans  will  likely  succumb  to  coronavirus  even  if  current  social  distancing  guidelines  are  maintained.

 So  that's  just  something  I'm,  I'm  thinking  that  they're  Trying  to  make  it  look  like  that  Americans  are  getting  nervous  and  wanting  them  to  do  a  national  shutdown  So  that  when  it  happens  everybody  be  okay  with  it.

 You  see  what  I  mean?  So  let  me  see  some  of  your  comments  here  here  wow  Tina  that  is  something  married  America  you're  coming  in  here  let  me  turn  this  down  look  at  this  Tina  says  America  to  get  her  together  that's  a  good  one  hey  sister  blessings  I'm  not  staying  going  to  bed  going  to  pray  crying  calling  God  My  spirit  feels  heavy  tonight.

 I'll  be  praying  for  y 'all  penny  We're  about  to  go  in  our  prayer  room  and  do  our  prayer  if  you  can  hold  on  I  Find  it  Rachel.  I  find  it  interesting  that  the  only  people  who  seem  to  have  it  are  the  influencers.
 Come  on  Are  you  catching  on  to  this  too?  I'm  not  minimizing  the  desk,  but  I  wish  people  would  think  I  Penny  we're  praying  for  you.

 I  tried  telling  my  thick  family  that  Yes,  I  did  not  watch  it  today.  Okay.  So  here's  my  thought  he  prays,  right?  He  listens  to  the  evangelicals  hence  the  demonic  Hence  demonize  the  real  bride  Okay  Robin  in  New  England  the  population  is  very  scarce.

 They'll  no  need  to  shut  down,  yeah.  Yes,  pacify  the  masses,  that's  what  Q  is  doing  too,  yes.  Think  sheeple,yes,  yes,  yes,  I  get  you.  Okay,  hey,  before  I  get  off  here,  does  anybody  have  any  reports  about  their  states?  Any  news  about  your  state?

 I  know  that  in  Georgia,  they  did.  a  stay -at -home  order  today  because  we  are  one  of  the  few  states  here  that  has  not  done  a  lockdown.

 So  we  have  been  pretty  much  free  to  roam  except  for  Atlanta.  The  mayor  of  Atlanta  got  pretty  strict,  but  the  governor  has  been  under  so  much  pressure  from  people  to  lockdown,
 kind  of  like  what  the  president  is.  So  he  did  one  today.  

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