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Report by: Sister D

Date:  February 12, 2024

This is SO sad and downright grievous! American mega-churches have turned God's house of prayer into a circus! Such Worldly foolishness is being accepted by the Bride of Christ just to be "seeker friendly" , they have mockingly turned God's house into an entertainment center to suit themselves. Jesus said my fathers house shall be a house of prayer. And now... in American mega-churches, they are kicking God's precious Word across and off the "stage" and it is blasphemous! And if you think about the symbolism here, we are told that Jesus IS the WORD , so symbolically it looked like the pastors wife was kicking Jesus off the stage! Today's church services have turned into children's church but for worse. Mentally and spiritually Americans have been dumbed down so far to the point that this is now acceptable and even expected; church entertainment. Tickling ears (and eyes apparently) are being served with this nonsense instead of reverence to our Heavenly Father. So many adult churches have turned into children's church themed shows. Meanwhile, true worship and prayer are being pushed out! Let's pray for Christians to wake up and reject this kind of Sunday morning distraction. Surely it is grievous to our Lord snd Savior. He deserves our utmost of respect and honor.