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Report By: Dr. June Wehr

Date: February 21, 2024

We see in this video where Israel is on trial. This is the first time that Israel has recognized this court officially. You must ask yourself why? By Prime Minister Netanyahu creating a whole new supreme court out of the far-right Orthodox Jews, he has been given the rights (like President Trump has here in the United States), to overhaul his government. Why is the International Courts not having a cow over this injustice? Why is the ICJ not having a cow over the antisemitism laws that are spreading throughout the globe to hang anyone who speaks against the Zionist agenda? Why are the Jews all of a sudden protecting the Muslims as well under the definition of AntiSemitism? We all know why. It's because of their ToGetHer campaign. They are after the real church who will not bow to their agenda;

  • Get vaccinated

  • Comply with Green Agenda

  • Accept technology as your healing through the false light therapies

It all flows together. It is through Israel where the majority of the vaccine was produced, etc. It is also the biggest place for technology. They are pushing this technology/AI agenda. They are the first ones to try the drone city as well. We also discovered that they tore down Gaza to make it a Smart City. They've been planning it for years.

We will see when Trump gets back in how they will overhaul this government like Israel did. In the meantime the false church will demonstrate in the streets a false revival to keep everyone distracted and to go along with Trump's new mandates, lockdowns, martial law, etc. This is the greatest deception known to man.

This court proceeding is setting a precedent that will hurt all of us in the future. By Israel recognizing their authority it sets the standard to affect all of us. If you think this will not affect us then consider that the Noahide King works at the United Nations. He is an Orthodox Jew who is lining all of this up. Here are facts to know:

  • Trump and his family are Zionist
  • Daughter became Noahide and wears red bracelet to show allegiance to Kaballah
  • Jared and his role in world agenda - he is the head of placing AI in government, etc.
  • Trump's allegiance to them
  • at RNC 2020 they had a Rabbi pray and explain that MAGA means to change history to Jewish - Judeo/Christian
  • Trump's family took over RNC - now Laura Trump is VP
  • Trump changed Republican Party and named it America First, which is nothing but BBB - Build Back Better agenda.
  • Democrats in a red dress - America First
  • Judeo/Christian just means Zionism and putting Jewish agenda in place of Christianity in American history. They are first and returning everything to that order. This is part of the Hebrew Roots agenda. They are even producing movies and documentaries to change people's memories.

God help us in the future.

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