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Dr. Morris teaches spiritual warfare and covers topics such as:

  • Can Christians have a demon?
  • Can Christians be demon-possessed?
  • What do demons do?
  • What is difference between demon inside and oppression?
  • How do we get demons?
  • Does everyone have a demon?
  • How do we cast them out?
  • What does demons have to do with sickness?
  • Much more...

He has taught this for over 41 years. He is a retired military veteran and has traveled all over the world teaching this. We are honored to have him teach us for free! Grab your notebooks & pens and take notes as you are about to learn from the best!

Dr. June fully trusts him. God sent her to him back in 2015 and 2016. She lived in the church building for six months and went through his program and teachings. Little did she know that six months later she would be launched into her full-time ministry after praying for President Trump in a 40-day fast. It was submitting to the authority of Dr. Morris that led her to the White House to represent Christians!

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