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TOPICS COVERED: **Bantom Joe's insight into SDG's w/his interpretation **MedBed Frequency Creepiness - taps into your conscious - think or say it **UN SDG's offers rewards to jump into Metaverse **Circular Economy **Freedom Farce FlashPoint Farce Rally **Questionable Character Farce through author of End Times & Thousand Years of Peace **Farce of Rodney Howard Brown - False Revival **S.1260 - United States Innovation and Competition Act of 2021 It is so sad how preachers like Rodney can act like they're calling on revival while they partner with the Beast and sell their apostasy air breathing machines. He is fighting for ecumenism and with the Freedom Farce group. Terrible. He is on Trump's team. He is also the one who got arrested for refusing to shut his church down. He was used to deceive people. We talk about all of this.