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Elon Musk & Twitter, Trump Under Investigation, BantomJoe Insight, UN SDG's, Creepy ORB, Worldcoin


April 25, 2022 - NEWS TODAY w/Dr. June Knight - GLOBAL NEWS



**WORLDCOIN Cryptocurrency 


**ORB to gather the image of humans through a "crystal ball" type of gadget. It speaks as well! EXTREMELY CREEPY. Here's another creepy fact - they want EVERY HUMAN'S EYEBALLS in it by 2022! They are paying people to go around and LOOK INTO. this evil contraption. DO NOT DO THIS!


**Twitter bought out by Elon Musk. The world is painting him as a savior to FREE SPEECH. This is a farce. Don't forget he's the one doing neurolink!


**DOJ plans to investigate boxes of records taken to Trump's Mar-a-Lago. Allegedly Trump took records from White House to his business.


**January 6th legal cases. They are busy tying Trump to not taking action on purpose and the other Republicans warning him to do something.


**17 Sustainable Developmental Goals Reward System partnering with the Circular Economy


**BantomJoe information about the 17 SDG's. HIS INFORMATION IS AMAZING! READ IT!