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December 9, 2023 - Dr. June examines the escalating agenda of Antisemitism. The World Economic Forum is pushing the COP28 agenda which is after natural food. They are organizing teams to push the new agenda of GLOBAL ID. We discuss the Global ID advances. Also, we discuss Elon's role in this. We also discuss the Ai connection to the letter X. We looked at Ai type of products sold with X on the front. X1-X39. Dr. June once again encourages you NOT TO BUY X-39. They put the "entities" on the CHAKRA POINTS. It's nothing but NEW AGE VOMIT USING TECHNOLOGY TO PROMISE HEALING. Jesus is our healer! Also, Dr. June is asking for $200 for internet that she needs by Monday. Please donate. She explains in video.

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World Economic Forum:,Africa%20and%20the%20Middle%20East.

Global ID:


Dr. June was bringing the connection of all the X's. She also encouraged the Bride to RUN FROM X-39. The technology promising to help people by attaching "entities" near your CHAKRA the base of spine and bottom of neck (basically where Khundalini resides - the evil snake). There is a connection of the X's.