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We are converting a 12x40 shed into an office and prophet quarters. The Lord taught me years ago to make room for His people. So, one half of the building is my office and other half is fellowship area, reading room, full bathroom with shower and a queen size bed.  This house will have an entrance way for them to have their own key. My office will be separate with another outside door. Our house only has one bathroom, so this will be nice when people come to visit.


The vision is that the building is for several purposes. It is a studio #1. I have it setup where I can film all over the building for various things. The prophet's quarters is a studio and fellowship room as well. We hope to host teachings and prayer meetings in there. Also for fellowships. When noone is there it will be the office kitchen, lounge room and bathroom. Sometimes I may take a nap before a night broadcast, etc. It is multi-purpose. 

Dennis will build me many shelves. In the office on one end is the TreeHouse Publishers section. It will have 24 cubby holes for all our books. Then it will be a shipping center until we can convert the SheShed. Dennis installed a beautiful window for me to look out while I'm working. I have a beautiful view of the backyard. Right now the chickens are there, however, Dennis plans to move them to back of the farm to get them away from house. They tend to hang out on front porch, LOL.

The office has a split-unit heat and air unit in the office side. On the other side it has a wall airconditioner and a gas wall heater hooked up to our natural gas at the house. We tried to save as much money as we can like hooking up the office to the house water heater. This water heater is gas and heats fast. It may take a little while to route the hot water out there, but when it comes it will be worth it.

It was hard to find lights without being LED. They  outlawed incandescent bulbs so we have a stock of them. We had to buy the light fixtures that would allow you to use the old bulbs so thus I wasn't able to buy the office type of lights like I wanted. So, we are installing a chandelier this family bought us when we moved in the house but was too big to fit over there with short ceilings. Here in the office it's high enough due to the barn roof so we will have this over my computer end of the office.  It has six bulbs on it so should be good enough to light my work area.

We are due to have fiber internet within 3-6 months. I built the office planning for it so I am putting the router on one end of the building and I routed ethernet cords through the ceiling to all the various places so that everything is hard-wired and saves us from 5G. I also ran the HDMI cords to the TV's.


We cut down three big cedar trees in front of the house which part fell down on front of house and needed to go. We are going to have that wood cut up to make decks. We also need stairs going to attic so we can have more storage room. The house is only 950 sq feet and the office is only about 250 sq feet. So, we need more space for sure. 

This summer Dennis took an old barn that had collapsed on one side and he propped it up and jacked it up until he built it back up. He restored that old barn and now that is his mancave. He has some storage in there as well. This is now his tool shed and work area. He's in the back by the goats (who love him and follow him around like dogs LOL). The goal is to run water line up there and lights so he can be fully operatable back there. We are moving the chickens back there soon in a shed that is still in great shape. Dennis is making the farm so beautiful.

Another goal we have is to build me a beautiful little white church next to the office. This may be a project next year. It will be in front by house and office where we have access to gas, water, lights, etc. We will have a parking lot in front and hopefully seat 100 or so.


When I first moved in this office I just left the White House. I was so excited with such big dreams.  I am thankful for the two years I was able to be in that office. I had no idea I was going to be married and moving to another town. I was so sad when I left that mural. The mural was my journey story of traveling the country, etc. It was pretty famous in the town! People talked about it. I hope build another one in this permanent office. 

November 9, 2023 UPDATE:

Today they are finishing the doors & trim! Woohoo! 

We will be moving in a few weeks! So exciting! Thank you for all of your love and support!

Dennis will do the rest himself. Well, thank you for all your donations and help Bride!


Dr. June Wehr

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