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Meet Mason. He's a boy turning 13 years old and his father died this year.  His mother wrote to ask a special request from the Bride in October:

My son Mason turns 13 November 17th. He was very excited to become a teenager, until his dad passed. Now he doesn't think he wants to celebrate at all. Mason watches your lives with me. He has for a long time. I am wondering if you would ask the bride to send Mason birthday cards to your po box from now until the first week of November and then I can send you money to mail them all at one time to us? This will be our first event/holiday since Mel passed away. It's going to be really hard for Mason and I just want him to know it's OK to still celebrate even through the tears and sadness.

On Oct. 14th Dr. June notified the Bride to please write a letter - here was the plea:

Bride I have a special request. I have a viewer who has two children. Their father just died and the boy is about to turn 13 but has no unction to be happy or celebrate it (grieving). The mom is asking you all to send him a birthday card to my address then I can mail to her

WATB c/o Mason
P.O. Box 555
Decaturville TN 38329

Letter from Mother...

The Bride replied with many letters and gifts for Mason. We are so honored to be a part of his journey and story. Please pray for Mason today. Here is his letter back to us.....

Thanks from Mason to Bride:

Hi. This is Mason. I loved all my cards the bride sent me. It was thoughtful and I enjoyed it a lot. I really love the bookmarks and they are very useful. I like the bracelets a lot and the notepad, and the pencils, and the book! I love reading and can't wait to read the book. I have read the entire Bible almost 6 times now. 

Well I just wanted to tell everyone thanks for thinking about me. All the cards and nice notes made me feel special and loved. The cards remind me to keep my chin up, that God loves me, that the bride loves me, and they are helping me find some happiness in a sad time. 

I pray the bride can find peace and safety in uncomfortable times and that they find strength when they feel weak. 

Love, Mason Carver




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