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This is from a lady who attended our Women's Conference

Hi June... I wanted to share regarding my flight from Nashville back to Phoenix December 13. I was seated next to a young woman who had been attending a “Church” that was not speaking truth. She had also taken one of the injections, now questioning everything. We had a long conversation regarding “Fake” Churches & the truth about the injections, “Mark of the Beast,” etc. This woman asked me to pray for her on our way to pick up our luggage (I did), but before we exited the plane, a man stood up a few seats away & said, “I heard everything you told this woman & it’s all true. I had a vision of you tossing life rafts out to people & pulling them in.” Wow!! It was beautiful! No negative comments, but only confirmation. Of course I knew people could hear & that was a joyous awesome conclusion to my trip to your Ministry. 
Yes... Just beautiful & powerful ~ It felt so good to be in a group of real, true & genuine Sisters & Brock w/ family. At the Ministry, the restaurant & your home... The comfort of knowing good people 20-30 years... Only better. My friend since kindergarten went fell for the lies & doesn’t call anymore.
Love to you, Brock, Laura & babies. You are so appreciated.