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Testimony from a viewer: 
I appreciate you sharing this weekend during the "Storms of Life". Instead of focusing on yourself (as I know it is very tough & I'm so sorry!), you dug deep down to give/encourage us out here in our own storms - focusing on Jesus.

You are a beautiful soul. You have a way about you that no one else compares to :)

Seriously! I love the stories you tell because there are always little nuggets in them that we all can glean from. You're always encouraging us to keep our eyes/heart focused on Jesus our Redeemer and to not be afraid. 
The books you are working on are important - yes, but "you" are even more important. Without you, we have no books. Reminder: God does not intend for you to carry the whole world, all of it's issues, and all of the people's issues upon your shoulders. He cares more for you and your well being than urgencies of today. Being a diligent worker, I know it is hard at times to give yourself permission to take breaks and times to just relax and enjoy moments or days - or, to refresh. And, that it is okay (and needed). I had to learn this myself.

Much love, Beverly (and praying for you)