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From Dr. June: 
Goodmorning Bride. It's my birthday! I didn't realize it until after the Lord laid all this on my heart to share with you! What a wonderful birthday present for Him to bless you! I love you Bride and we all feel this shift in the atmosphere. This is a confirmation that we are going to the next phase of Tribulation. I believe it's the T0-GET-HER campaign in full force. We see the rainbows everywhere and I do not believe they are just for the Satanic PRIDE month. I believe it's two-fold. Everything is going rainbows including children's shows, clothing, etc. It's because the Noahide Laws are coming in. We've crossed over. We see many states going there like Florida. This fake revival that's about to happen - I believe it will be really for that. The merger of the Judeo-Christian people (NAR) will be acting like they're taking the moral ground but it will not be that. They are taking a principle stand towards the Noahides. This will be rising up in their new world order. I saw the head of the Jesus Image show wearing a Catholic shirt while he's acting like he's Pentecostal (spirit-filled). There is so much deception out there. You must look for those things. Why is a man on the platform with a shirt that looks just like what Kanye West promoted? The Catholic shirt. Here's that picture:

The deception is very deep so let's stay close to the real Jesus and He will take care of us. 

I Feel God is Speaking to His Bride Here


Dear Bride,

This month is halfway in 2021. You are going into your fulfilled destiny of days. These are the days you are designed for. Your Groom awaits. Keep your oil full and your lamps clean. Do not touch the unclean thing. I am coming after a Bride without spot and wrinkle. I am the only one that can iron that crease. I have the strength to sustain you. Lean on me fuller through the coming days. You have been warned and prepared for what Satan has prepared through his army. Yes, he has many plans for you and many of you know the wickedness, however, 





I have angels to be with you through everything. You can open your arms wide and receive my strength today and courage to walk through anything. You have more that is for you than is against you. I have an ARMY of angels dispatched at this time to help you in the spiritual battle that is here. The time has come my child. Many hearts will fail for what they see. Many hearts will fail for what they discover about the deception and their role in it. You must keep your heart with love and a teachable heart until we meet. People will need the wisdom you've been able to gain while researching. They've been distracted and busy with the cares of this world and many were in shock that this time has arrived so they have chosen to ignore the times. They are too afraid to look.

I know man's heart. Have mercy on them. Many have been very hurt in their past and maybe don't want to believe they ran out of time. Many had to choose who they will serve and chose wrong and one day my face will not be found. You do not know people's hearts, I do. Just love them like Stephen and Timothy. I will be with you through it all.

Are you Ready to Dance my Bride?

As the days get darker, my glory will shine through you brighter. You will see my mighty hand of provision, healing, love, mercy, and many other things. Deception is very great, but I desire you to draw closer to me. Look up. Are you ready to dance? Are you ready to take my hand? I know the moves. Can you follow my feet and direction? Can you feel the soft turns and the twirls?  I want to dance with you. My love for you will shine to others as they see the peace on your face and the shining in your face. The darkness is becoming gross darkness and you will shine so brightly. Let's dance in the storm.

Are you ready?

My Army Angels

I have dispatched angels to you today to help you in this battle. You are not alone. The rest of your walk on this Earth will require more faith and trust in me as your provider, protector, healer and sustainer. Angels are with you my Bride.


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