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Dr. June, 

We have been listening to you since you were on the farm, on the deck, and have enjoyed how transparent and natural you are. We agreed with what you were saying so we kept on following. I had asked God to show me the truth and how I would know the Antichrist, as I felt we were going into end times. I kept listening to you and you explained what the beast was and how current events fall into place for end days revelation.

Listening to you tell your life stories, trusting in God, made me aware that I can do that too. You helped us prepare to have our lamps full, trusting in Jesus, in these latter days.

We thank you for your perseverance, teachings, strong faith and hard work for the Bride.  We pray for encouragement for you in your Spirit in Jesus name.

You truly are a blessing in our lives.

We Love You Dr. June
Warriors Ardena & Bruce