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Our ministry is led by The Knight Family. Our main heart is to equip the saints to finish their missions on the Earth. We write books, preach, teach, sing, and help the saints.
DAVOS 2022
Report from World Economic Forum

As Dr. June is writing books, God opened the door to participate in this conference because HE wants you to know what is ahead.

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DECODING The End-Time Babel is Published!
Definitions You Need to Know

January 20, 2022 - The first book is published! Purchase at https://gotreehouse.org/products/decoding-the-end-time-babel-definitions-you-need-to-know

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Hello From the Knight Family
Pastors Brock, Laura & Dr. June

We are here to serve you. We have a mandate upon our family to serve the Body of Christ. We are equipping, training and educating the Bride through books, media, personal relationships and more!

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You are cordially invited - International Zoom Bible Training

*****EVERY THURSDAY NIGHT***** The Knight Family disciples, trains, coaches, and equips everyone that wants to grow face to face on an international Zoom Conference
Discover your Destiny!
We all have an expression from God

Order Pastor Brock's book today. He goes on a journey with Jesus in Heaven and learns about how everything God created has an expression. What is your expression? Don't leave the Earth without fulfilling your UNIQUE expression!

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***Pre-Order*** Dr. June Knight's What the World? 7 Books TOTAL
Changing the World, One Book at a Time

Learn about end-time language of the Beast, the Image of the Beast, Freedom Farce Deception, One World Order -     Global Governance through the Circular Economy, METAverse, Crypto, and NAR.

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DVD - LOGOS, Symbols & Image of the Beast
Be Sober & Alert!

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The Most Comprehensive Teachings on the Noahide Laws!
9 DVD's

The Noahide Laws are a part of the United Nation's One World UNITY agenda. The world is fast moving towards this. All Christians must know what this means! It's fast approaching!

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