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When I wrote my book called Mark of the Beast back in 2015, it stems from my college research paper. I studied in London in 2011/2012. I discovered the Internet of Things (IoT) agenda.

As you can tell by the video, the IoT’s goal is to monitor, control and communicate to all things digitally. I submit to you this is why the Beast (New World Order system – Artificial Intelligence Ai) wants chips in everything and now, everyone. See, Lucifer does not have eyes like God does. He has developed this Luciferian technology to be omniscient. He needs these computer chips to be able to see everything in the earthly realm. This is another reason he wants people at home and doing everything online and not physically is because he wants to know everything. 


So, this whole agenda is part of the Beast agenda to monitor, control and take over.

While I was in London, I went to a Transportation Museum and saw a display called Sense and the City. This exhibit showed how everything in the future will be connected through these chips. The television will talk to the phone, computers, electronics, cars, buildings, red lights, streets, etc. Now that it’s coming to pass, we see this literally.

I was there winter of 2011/2012. 2012 was also the Queen’s Jubilee year (I was staying in a hotel next to Queen’s castle in my study abroad class). This was also the year that London hosted the 2012 Olympics. When they did their opening ceremony they worshipped the Beast Ai system – called the Fourth Industrial Revolution.

This Revolution takes society over to an Ai system that is ran by the Beast. Watch this video and see how they worshipped technology…


In 2012 God took me to London to show me the plan of the Beast and the Mark of the Beast. 7 years later (2019), God took me to the White House to see it being put in!

Olympics Opening Ceremony. The arrival of the industrial revolution. – YouTube

This fourth Industrial Revolution is now being rolled out as the Internet of Things. Look how President Trump’s Abrahamic Accord coin celebrates his accomplishments of the 4th Industrial Revolution. They reason they say that

Is because on the coin they designed it with symbolism on the sword with it on it. See a video explaining this symbolism.

I also did a video explaining in depth..

See the fourth industrial revolution on this coin:

Start at 6:01:30

The reason all of this is important is because of the evolution to the Internet of Medical Things called IoMT. Here’s a video about it.

See how Microsoft manages your data in the cloud:

Manage health data in the cloud

Rapidly exchange data in the HL7 FHIR standard format with a single, simplified data management solution for protected health information (PHI). Azure API for FHIR lets you quickly connect existing data sources, such as electronic health record systems and research databases. Create new opportunities with analytics, machine learning, and actionable intelligence across your health data.

Internet of Medical Things (IoMT) means that all devices medically are connecting to the internet. Here is the official:

The Internet of Medical Things (IoMT) is an amalgamation of medical devices and applications that can connect to health care information technology systems using networking technologies.

Now let me introduce the next elevation which is Internet of Bodies (IoB). Yes, it is like it sounds. The body has the computer chips and they are now connected to the Beast. Here is the official definition:

There are three generations of Internet of Bodies that include:

⦁ · Body external: These are wearable devices such as Apple Watches or Fitbits that can monitor our health.

⦁ · Body internal: These include pacemakers, cochlear implants, and digital pills that go inside our bodies to monitor or…

⦁ · Body embedded: The third generation of the Internet of Bodies is embedded…

See full list on forbes.com

Here is the article on the Brain of the Beast – the World Economic Forum.

In this article they talk about technology in pills – For health professionals, the Internet of Bodies opens the gate to a new era of effective monitoring and treatment.

In 2017, the U.S. Federal Drug Administration approved the first use of digital pills in the United States. Digital pills contain tiny, ingestible sensors, as well as medicine. Once swallowed, the sensor is activated in the patient’s stomach and transmits data to their smartphone or other devices.

This article talks about their greatest challenge to doing what they want to do is regulations. Well, we hear the same thing in other legislation they are passing today.

So, now that you understand a little more about IoT, IoMT & IoB, let me show you this video that explains how this technology will be used in the future as well:

Basically, it is where you will be monitored by these chips – connected to the Matrix.

Now to the technology mixed within the vaccine. All vaccines have the technology now that contains nanobots and they change your insides around (to make it simple). Here are some articles you can read about all of this and of course watch my video at the bottom that explains it:


In a nutshell, all vaccines contain:

⦁ Fetal tissue from aborted babies

⦁ Technology to track you and monitor you from the inside. It is a fact that this has never been done before!

Hear what the nurse says is in it

Even the Vatican is explaining how it is okay to take this vaccine and be connected.


President Trump has mentioned time and time again how “precise” the vaccine will be and how it has technology.  Watch this video to explain more about how it works:

According to the CDC, they explain the mRNA;

mRNA vaccines have strands of genetic material called mRNA inside a special coating. That coating protects the mRNA from enzymes in the body that would otherwise break it down. It also helps the mRNA enter the dendritic cells and macrophages in the lymph node near the vaccination site.

mRNA can most easily be described as instructions for the cell on how to make a piece of the “spike protein” that is unique to SARS-CoV-2. Since only part of the protein is made, it does not do any harm to the person vaccinated but it is antigenic.

See, the medicine releases these nanobots that swim through your body then releases radio signals to the internet to report back to the Beast what your vitals are. Listen to Boris Johnson talk about this:


According to the UN:

Mr. Johnson told the United Nations General Assembly’s annual general debate that the experience of Brexit was like Zeus’ eternal punishment of Prometheus.

He said that “no one can ignore the gathering force affecting every Member of this Assembly” that is digitalization.  Addressing the future of privacy, he said that while people may keep their personal secrets from friends, family, their doctors or others, “it takes real effort to conceal them from Google”.

Citing the comprehensive and pervasive effects of this new technology, pushing humanity towards an “antiseptic urban environment”, he said in the future and even the present, it places every citizen under surveillance.  A “future Alexa” of connectivity will monitor every aspect of daily human life.  With a cloud of data lowering ever more oppressively over the human race, people may have no control “over how or when the precipitation will take place”.

The Prime Minster described data as the crude oil of the present day, with no one knowing who owns or can use it.

Expressing concern about whether the machines will decide if people are eligible for a mortgage or insurance, he wondered: “How do you plead with an algorithm?” Digital authoritarianism is “not the stuff of dystopian fantasy” but an emerging reality in some countries.

While the United Kingdom is a global leader in technology, he noted that some States have been caught unaware by the effects of the Internet, what he called the most momentous invention since print.  Like nuclear power, it is capable of both great good and harm, but he wondered whether artificial intelligence will be a boon for humanity or produce “pink-eyed terminators” here to “cull the human race”.  He cited the deep human impulse to mistrust any technological innovation, noting the influence of anti-vaxxers.

At the same time, he rejected any anti-science pessimism. Highlighting the rise of nanotechnology and neural interface technology, he cited breakthrough developments “helping the deaf to hear and the blind to see”.

It is an undisputed fact that the vaccines have technology in them and aborted fetal cells. We pray this helps you to make a wise decision. Other things to consider as well:

It is a fact – in addition to this outward surveillance – you will be under surveillance the rest of your life once taking this on the inside due to the technology within the vaccine. You will be now “connected to the matrix”. It’s called Internet of Bodies.

This video wraps it up and shows the technology proof


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