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President Trump tells His Followers to “Go get the Shot” – Same as His NAR Evangelical Team tells the Church

President Trump in his speech at CPAC once again told his followers to get the shot. He made it very clear again on his position on receiving the vaccine. However, this is not surprising considering he is the one who started it all with the Operation Warp Speed agenda. In this agenda he assigned a million-man army, pressured the FDA to approve those first vaccines and told everyone that the vaccines are great. He often expressed just how “precise” the technology was that is involved with this vaccine. He also stated very clearly that these type of vaccines have never been done before. He also said he had the virus and was miraculously cured within a few days by the treatment medicine he received. We all must remember that this happened just a few days after Jonathan Cahn’s debacle at the National Mall. Many of those evangelical leaders met with President Trump that night and then all of a sudden they all have COVID. So, do we see changes in all these people since this incident?

At the CPAC rally, President Trump told his followers once again to go get the shot. He also lied and expressed that President Biden was not doing enough to get the children back in school. I know as a White House Correspondent and reading the paperwork from the White House that President Biden is working very hard for that. However, the bigger issue we need to pay attention to is the fact that President Trump is doing same thing as Biden with pushing the agenda to get the children back in school.

The evangelicals that are partnered with President Trump are encouraging their congregation to get the jab too.

Samuel Rodriguez

Signed the statement to tell Christians to partner with science and to take the jab. This article states, “To date, the statement has been signed by 2,500 Christians; among them are theologians N.T. Wright and Richard Mouw, and the presidents of several seminaries, including Mark Labberton of Fuller Theological Seminary and Michael Le Roy of Calvin University. Signatories also include Samuel Rodriguez, president of the National Hispanic Christian Leadership Conference, and Lisa Sharon Harper, a popular writer and activist.”

Paula White

Cindy Jacobs: (One of the heads of NAR)

Guidelines for your personal reflection and intercession:

Thank the Lord for creative strategies for the church, which are bursting forth right now! The Church is being seen! Social distancing has halted church gatherings, yet more are logging onto livestreamed worship that have ever attended the local services. Tech that many church leaders had lightly tolerated has suddenly become a lifeline for fellowships across the nation. Online and telephone prayer has increased exponentially. Online worship is being accessed 24/7. Many are sensing that this is in preparation for a great harvest.

Thank the Lord for quick, innovative medical answers. The sudden need for vaccines, therapies, and cures has highlighted new and forgotten medical approaches. Serum therapy is being rediscovered from the days of the Great Influenza Epidemic. Existing research possibilities are being fast-tracked to clinical trials. Repurposed malaria treatments may offer a cheap, generic therapy. New clinical tools allow us to “see” the viruses and gene-splicing allows us to reengineer DNA.

Thank the Lord for Israel and their medical technology. Watch Israel! Research there has an approach that will treat multiple flu viruses with a simple pill, eliminating the need for less effective vaccinations.

Thank the Lord for those that are able to project forward and see how different sectors of society will recover. Our path out of the crisis will be different for each  sector of society. Some, like personal care businesses, especially hairdressers, will bounce back quickly. Some will take longer. Sadly, there will also be businesses which could possibly fail. Pray for a minimization of losses and a swifter recovery process.

Thank the Lord for new educational possibilities being seen. Smaller Liberal Arts Colleges were already closing and merging at record rates. Now that the folks know that a student can live at home and still get the education, fewer will see the need to pay 50-80K per year for the traditional college experience.

Two other evangelicals wrote an article…

This article in the Washington Post by two evangelicals, “And, at the same time, we can express our love for neighbor — especially the sick and elderly — by reducing the chance that we might inadvertently pass along a virus that could kill them. The men on the rooftop took a risk of, at best, looking like fools or, at worst, falling through an unstable roof. But they loved their friend and wanted to get him to Jesus. We don’t need to make ropes or tear up roof tiles to love our friends and neighbors. All we are asked to do is to get a shot. As evangelical Christians, we should all hear that challenge and say “Amen.”

Last night when President Trump told his followers again to go get the jab, it makes you wonder how these same followers who do not believe in mixing technology in their bodies will do it because Trump told them to. Why? How can they override their heart and spirit in loyalty to a man. Is this a Trump Cult? The Bible has a clear position on our bodies being the temple of the Holy Ghost. It is forbidden to mix our bodies in transhumanism agenda.

On the Evangelical Association Website:

What is Transhumanism?

We must remember that President Trump installed 5G across the world in 2020. If it wasn’t for his great achievement in this, we wouldn’t have the surveillance to roll out the vaccine, transhumanism, or robots loaded with weapons for our near future.

Trump’s Announcement of installment of 5G – removing of barriers/restrictions.

Where does this leave the non-vaxxers?

We have a whole bunch of people out there who do not want this technology or aborted fetal parts inside their system. Many true Christians believe this goes against God and His word. So, where does that leave them? Well, the world we are in now is causing us to be considered a virus to humanity by not participating in this agenda. Since their beloved President is telling them all to do it, they feel like we are now the evil people who will not participate in this agenda. President Trump is globalist and has partnered with the UN in this agenda. Their agenda will make the non-vaxxers criminals in the very near future. They are presenting it to society that we are not “loving thy neighbor”. All I can tell you is to trust in God’s word and hang tight. Our redemption draweth nigh.

How to Inform your family:

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