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Trump’s America First Agenda Partners with UN Agenda

Winchester, TN – I’m noticing a trend with President Trump’s endorsements. He threatened the Republican Party at the CPAC speech and said that everyone needs to go through his organization to receive his endorsement or he is not having anything to do with it. He really threatened them in December when “someone” registered a third party called the Patriot Party and Trump mentioned he might jump aboard this. So, he comes to CPAC and announces that he is sticking with the Republican Party. However, what has he done since then? He has hijacked them! He wrote an email demanding the Republicans quit using his “name and image”. Can you believe this? They are the ones that put him in office and he is treating them like trash. It sounds like the snake eating the tail. His agenda is the same as the UN. Look at his email:

Example of His Pride Still in Action

President Trump’s Attitude

Watch my analysis of his speech at CPAC here –

Let’s Examine His Choices SO FAR…

According to his website – John will serve as the Ranking Member of the Committee on Agriculture, Nutrition and Forestry during the 117thCongress. This position enables him to play a key role in influencing policy that relates to the agriculture economy, nutrition programs and quality of life in rural America. 
John will also continue to serve on the Committee on Appropriations, which is responsible for allocating federal funds, and the Committee on the Environment and Public Works, where much of the nation’s infrastructure policy is developed.  
Along with these committees, John serves on the Commission on Security and Cooperation in Europe, commonly referred to as the Helsinki Commission. He serves on the Congressional Study Group on Europe (CSGE), a bipartisan organization dedicated to frank and candid dialogue between American lawmakers and their peers in European capitals and Brussels, and has been appointed the Vice Chairman of the Senate Delegation to the British-American Interparliamentary Group during the 117th Congress. 
Notice the data

Look at his letter about the Voting Process:

Another America First:

As you can see, President Trump is pulling the Republicans towards this UN America First Agenda. What is America First?

On the Ballotpedia website they promote America First as:

As of April 2017, the website for America First Policies listed the following areas of focus for the organization’s work:

“Securing our border
Supreme Court justice appointments
Ending regulations
Choice in education
Keeping business in America
Supporting small business
Creating more jobs
Energy independence[3]”

Let’s check it out:

This is President Trump’s first Gay Cabinet Member (first time in history) giving a speech at the 2020 RNC:

I believe this is what he means about AMERICA FIRST – America first DOWN….

Trump partnered with Brandon Straka who began a campaign called #WalkAway in 2018. This was the downfall of the Republican Party. More about Brandon:

Straka founded the #WalkAway Campaign in 2018 after posting a six-minute video in which he offered a litany of standard right wing complaints about the Democratic Party. A 2019 review of his voting record showed that he had voted just six times since registering as a Democrat in 2004 and only one of those votes was cast in a primary. He was received well among conservatives. He spoke at major right wing events, such as the Conservative Political Action Conference, or CPAC as it is better known, campaign rallies for Trump, and continues to appear on far right media outlets.

In 2019, Straka rented a room at the Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual & Transgender Community Center for a #WalkAway Campaign town hall. Following a community outcry, the Center cancelled the rental. Straka sued, but the case was dismissed in 2020.

Straka did not respond to a call seeking comment.

Whether on the left or right, the implications of having a few private companies owning and dominating discourse have been made clear. Trump’s Twitter account was his primary means of communicating with his base and he has now been silenced. Straka is still using a website, his Twitter account, and is migrating the #WalkAway content to Clouthub, another social media platform.


This is what Trump Means about America First:


Even another transgender/homosexual won an award at CPAC with Trump’s America First agenda:

Governor of California Huh?

I submit to you Bride that we must wonder why he wants to pick and choose who will be representing Republicans versus the Republican Party. Oh wait a minute. Maybe the Republican Party wants it to be Trump so that the Christians will go along with the LEFT PROGRESSIVE VOMIT.

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