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The Inauguration of President Biden – The Great Reset Begins from the OLD to the NEW called “Determined Democracy”

46th President of the United States was Inaugurated Today on January 20, 2021

Washington DC – Today our country literally shifted into greater darkness with the inauguration of President Biden. The whole event was an announcement of their goals to change the course of the country. They announced that their theme is called “Our Determined Democracy – Forging a More Perfect Union.” This is according to the Joint Congressional Committee – Senator Roy Blunt. This is the vision of the Biden Administration.

In a nutshell, this vision will rid the country of the old world to the new. Many speakers said the following:

  • Instrument for Good (Catholic Ecumenism lingo – UN world unity – New World Order).
  • Take the country to a higher plane (New Age lingo)
  • People as the “source” of the government (we learned that the Great Reset plan by the World Economic Forum declares that People will be the new currency – not capitalism or socialism.
  • Hopes to take the national debate Forward (forward is a UN word)
  • More perfect union meant that the original constitution was not perfect…this is why it says a MORE perfect union – it gives way to change. This was spoken by Senator Roy Blunt. (my interpretation of his definition). He explains that this will make us a better future by FORMING the more perfect union. This is what they mean by changing the constitution through the 1776 Commission formed by President Trump.
  • Father O’Donovan, a Catholic Jesuit priest prayed and asked God to bless the vision of Biden. Equality, Inclusion for all. He ended his prayer by not mentioning the name of Jesus. American Patriotism means care for the common good and care for all. Dreams are built together. He mentioned the word “together” many times. To the glory of your name forever amen is how he ended the prayer. This is a slap in Jesus’ face.
Very patriotic Look

We noticed the light blue theme of the day. The floor was the United Nations light blue. President’s tie, his wife’s dress. Vice President Kamala’s dress was purple – which we know is the representation of unity – a blending of red and blue.

As Kamala Harris was sworn in, she held her hand on two bibles. One was from an old family friend named Regina Shelton. She was a neighbor and friend she’s known for a long time. Interesting note about the new Vice President is that her husband is Jewish and freshly divorced from his wife of twelve years and two children. The VP has only been married to him since 2014.

Vice President Kamala Harris being sworn in as husband holds Bibles.

Justice John Roberts swore in President Joseph R. Biden. President’s wife held a big case which we assume a Bible was enclosed. See pic:

President Joseph R. Biden holds his hand on the Bible while his wife holds it.

About President Biden’s Bible:

According to ABC News:

When President-elect Joe Biden takes the oath of office Wednesday, he’ll do so using a Bible with 127 years of family history behind it.

Biden, who is Catholic, has used the leather-bound, 5-inch thick book, which has been in his family since 1893, each time he’s been sworn into elected office during the course of his career.

Inscribed inside are the dates of each of his swearing-in ceremonies. Biden’s late son Beau also used the family Bible when he was sworn in as Delaware’s attorney general.

“Every important date is in there,” Biden told television host Stephen Colbert in December.

See ABC Video

A few notes from Biden’s Speech:
  • Democracy has prevailed
  • They are standing on “hollowed ground” (This is telling because of Nancy Pelosi’s creepy announcement about it being a “temple” on the day that a woman was murdered inside wearing a Trump flag and a Christian. See video here of my analysis.

Speaker Pelosi:  Thank you, my friends.  Members of Congress, families, friends: welcome all.

As Speaker of the House, it is my great honor to preside over this sacred ritual of renewal, as we gather under the dome of this temple of Democracy to begin the 117th Congress.


  • Stressed many times of his goal for a more perfect union (This is stressing his deepened commitment to finish what Trump has begun – which is to change the constitution and culture of the United States). This article explains it best to their definition – “”A more perfect union” implies that the progress of the American experience is never complete.” This is an excuse for them to change our constitution.
  • Mentioned the term “winter of peril”. This gave us pause due to him stressing the “dark winter” many times.
  • He mentioned “Dream of justice for all will no longer be deferred.” This causes us to pause Bride because I wrote an article about his “Dream Team” of justice staff who are not friendly and in direct opposition to Christianity. See Video Here:
  • He said, “Once in a Century Virus” (what he meant by this I don’t know. Why just once a century?)
  • He mentioned his mission is to get rid of white supremacy, political extremism and domestic terrorism. He said we will defeat it. (How many remembers Janet Napolitano’s definition of the domestic terrorist? It was Christians! We believe all of these definitions means Christians).
  • He said his whole soul is in uniting America. (His definition means to unite everyone against Christianity. The ToGetHer campaign).
  • He said there has been a cry for racial justice for over 400 years! (where?)
  • He said his “foes” are hatred, violence, disease, anger, resentment, and extremism. He will get rid of it!
  • He said he is “leading a force for Good in the World” – (UN language)
Biden being swore in.

Garth Brooks sang, “Amazing Grace”. At first I thought it was great until I heard him talk about partnering together for unity and “one”. Then I realized he is sold out to the progressives. On his way out he hugged all the liberals. So sad.

Jennifer Lopez looked very beautiful and sang a couple of songs. However, we know her loyalty to the Illuminati as well as Lady Gaga. How can we forget Lady Gaga’s Superbowl performance? God help us.

When Amanda Gormant read her poem, she said “our blenders will become their burdens.” This creeped me out. She was talking about racial injustice. She is a young black girl.

Then the final straw of travesty was the last preacher to pray. He was from Bethel African Methodist Episcopal Church. He finished his ecumenical prayer, “In the strong name of our collective faith.” This made my blood boil. He totally left Jesus out. This reflects the heart of both presidencies – Trump and Biden. Both working to rid the nation of their Christian heritage and the name of Jesus.

My Final Thoughts about the Day:

President Biden and the Democrats let the world know that they are after the “old America ideals” – which is Christianity – the white form of Christianity. I’ve been warning the church for a while now of the great persecution looming. I’m sad to report now that it will begin heavily this year. The Biden Administration will be partnering with the United Nations 2030 agenda and it does not include Christians. We are aware that our time has come to an end according to biblical prophecy. We have accepted our destiny and are willing to give all for the gospel of Jesus Christ. We will all go down proclaiming this is a Christian nation. The will of the Lord be done Bride. All we can do at this point is ask God to use us mightily in the time we have left. I love you Bride and I pray God opens your eyes to truth.

See My Analysis Today of the Inauguration

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