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Jimmy Swaggart Ministries Brag About Taking Vaccine – What Does this Mean to the Pentecostal Message of Faith and Healing?

Someone sent me an email about the Swaggarts discussing how people are in error believing the end of days are here, mark of the beast and the “nonsense” about technology contained within, etc. I could not believe it. What does this say to the world when we as Pentecostal Preachers profess for years that we believe in signs miracles and wonders then when a crisis hits we cave? What message does this send the church?

Much less how quick they are to dismiss the obvious concerning technology within it. How can they back that up with scripture? God never wants us to mix and become transhuman. Please pray for the Swaggarts:


Watch this video about their position on the “V” and this not being the end of days:

My question to the Swaggarts is, “Does the Bible endorse injecting technology within our system? Do you endorse this? How can you not see the merging of the United Nations and all the other signs?”

God help the church with these ministries not standing their ground. In this hour we are seeing ministries fold, take money from the UN and partner with the global agenda. We must stay diligent and alert Bride.

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