Genesis 6
WATB Church  - "A Memorial to God: Reviewing God's Judgments"

Pastor June talked about the judgments of God throughout history. We really examined Lot and what happened in his judgment. Did you know that Lot left Abram with great wealth. He had an over-abundance of cattle, etc. Abram let him choose which land to take. Lot chose the best.  His first mistake was pitching his ten towards Sodom (eyes focused on the unclean thing). Then he moved there and the sin overtook his life. By the time he left Sodom, he had to be pulled out. His sons-in-laws did not want to go. Then his wife had so much in her heart that she looked back and turned into a pillar of salt. Then the girls had so much sin they slept with their father in incest. So, Lot left with nothing.

We talked about the comparison of this to the Metaverse. We talked about not touching the unclean thing and don't even go in there.