Luke 4, John 17:1-14, John 7:37-39, Matt 7, Luke 13, Heb. 1, John 1
Day Nine

Eternal life is knowing God and knowing Jesus. God is trying to grow you up so he can delegate work to you on the Earth.


  • Get saved
  • Repent and turn
  • Knowing him
  • Obey his Commandments

Jesus in verse five had the glory. Everything we do is to glorify God. Giving glory to whom glory is due. Nothing we have is ours. It is all gods. Every time we wake up its presentation time to God. Our service is our worship. The Holy Spirit helps you to transform. Read all scriptures about Glory.

The Mature believer only needs God's approval. The identity of Jesus is in us. How do we respond to the praise of others? Is God glorified?We've got exactly the same resources as Jesus Does. Jesus had an equal inheritance from God. We have been given Jesus's Glory. It is not about you. We can come boldly to the throne of grace because of Jesus.

The Definition of responsibility is our response to God's ability to meet the needs of those around me 

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