Genesis 6
"The Burden is Lifted" The Ark Door is Shutting
Sunday, June 6, 2021 - Last night I did a broadcast that was so cataclysmic on every level. It exposed the big picture of the apostasy and rotten vine leading to the Beast. The Lord has lifted my burden of being a White House Correspondent. I've told you all you need to know to finish this race as far as my main focus being news daily. The Lord lifted my burden last night. I'm done with that assignment. We're going to talk about the place we're all in today and where we are going. I play the sermon "The Door is About to be Shut" because truth is closing in this hour online. People are about to be put over to a reprobate mind. The world is shifting to a demonic, global unity to usher in the Antichrist. I feel my job now is to take you home through singing, news, preaching, word, etc. It will be like the days of Good Morning on the Farm where we will sing and talk about what's won't be official news anymore. The tides are shifting and we're going to flow with God. I love you Bride and God let me know last night my assignment is complete. I've told you and trained you in all you need to know. Now I'm gonna help you spiritually cross over. To donate and help go to See full article at