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NEWS TODAY – NAR Partnering with New Age, Pope Visit, & More Extremism Threats to Christians

Winchester, TN – Today we talked about a NAR event with a leader who practices New Age meditation and other ungodly practices.

Self-affirmation, self-worth, self-aggrandizement all under the guise of Christianity… This link…

Posted by Exhort and Contend on Saturday, March 6, 2021

Self-affirmation, self-worth, self-aggrandizement all under the guise of Christianity…This link (https://www.3wsummit.com/optin-v21609192496825…) provides information concerning an in-person/online women’s conference entitled, “World Women’s Wholeness Summit 2021,” being held March 5th-7th. According to the link…“THIS IS WHAT YOU’VE BEEN HOPING FOR!!!The Move of God that Addresses Every Wholeness & Purpose Need for Women at This Critical Time in History The Lord Wants to Bring You Into Wholeness, Fullness, and Purpose!80 Sought-After SpeakersYour Wholeness – Your Breakthrough – Your Word from The LORD – Your Open Door to the Purpose of God in Your LifeFINALLY FREE AND UNSTUCK!”This conference features a boatload of false, NAR teachers including Darlene Zschech, Jane Hamon, Johnny and Elizabeth Enlow, Steffany Gretsinger, James Goll, Patricia King, Randy Clark, Lana Vawser, Katie Souza, Doug Addison, and Marilyn Hickey, just to name a few.The host of the conference is Dr. Barbara Lowe. The following information is from her website (https://drbarbaralowe.com/):“I’m Dr. Barbara and I have been given an assignment by the Lord to bring women into wholeness at this time. I have seen women just like you transform baggage into a badge of honor. I have safely guided women through the ashes and watched them emerge to embrace their passions and live their fullest lives, overflowing with hope and purpose. I have walked through those ashes myself. I’ve seen what’s possible. I know that you can carry your whole story into the present and use it to create your whole self, in a way God always intended. You’re not who you are in spite of what you’ve gone through. You’re who you are because of it. Transform your vulnerability into power, your burdens into blessings. Become who you are meant to be.Welcome to the Possibility of You!”This link (https://hrhs202103100.securechkout.com/) concerns a course she offers entitled, “Hearts Returning Home,” described as a faith plus psychology program for women who want stability and empowerment to move past the past and to launch into purpose. She offers a “Fast-Acting Faith-Based Calming Method & Meditation for Your Overwhelmed Soul.” This 10 minute guided meditation is yours free to bring quick relief. (https://drbarbarameditation.com/) And, this site (https://www.psychologytoday.com/…/barbara-lowe…/120560) mentions that she uses guided imagery in her sessions. Dear brethren, please mark and avoid this conference!

It’s so sad how far the New Apostolic Reformation has went. Dr. Lowe describes her guest speakers, “Key thought leaders will be imparting a special message to help transform, inspire, equip, and propel women into their purpose! We want you to join us!” Here is their flyer:

Posted by Dr. Shannan Crawford on Saturday, January 23, 2021

When you research the host lady, Dr. Lowe, you discover the New Age practices. This is the mess NAR partners with…


We also talked about the Pope’s visit to Iraq.

Christians need to pay attention to the meetings held at Congress about extremism:






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