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NEWS TODAY – The Government Wants to be the Savior – First it was Trump now Biden – See a pattern?

February 5, 2021 – President Biden held a Press Conference in the East Room at the White House. He explains how he recognizes the suffering happening in the country. He is presenting it like the government wants to be your god. GOD WANTS TO BE THE ANSWER. LET’S USE THIS AN OPPORTUNITY FOR THE CHURCH TO STEP IT UP. PEOPLE WILL CHOOSE ONE OR THE OTHER.

Notes from Dr. June’s analysis:

1. 24 million people don’t have enough food.

2. Wore a purple tie (unity) and light blue shirt (UN)

3. Mentioned “teeth of the pandemic”

4. Said January was the worst deaths at 100,000

5. Said a lot of hope is down and record number of suicides. People are hopeless.

6. Government is “stepping up to the plate”

7. Republicans are not doing enough

8. The government wants to be the ones to “alleviate the suffering in this country” – so they want to be the answer to the problem (build, back better UN term)

9. Pointed out that Trump’s Admin was focused on looking out for the wealthiest people in the country (like he is looking out for the average American Joe).

10. Will create four million more jobs when this passes.

11. He said that the Republicans are saying we won’t recover until 2025 so we need to hurry up and pass this “Rescue Plan” so it can be healed.

12. Said this bill is for $160 billion worth of AID.

Their agenda:

1. Vaccines

2. $1400 checks to people

3. Food for the hungry (makes you wonder about Bill Gates buying up all the land and Monsanto with the seeds with Paula White and Ivanka helping with this).

To help with food he said:

1. unemployment will be extended to September

2. help for small businesses

3. rental assistance

4. help to open up schools again

5. child care

6. raise minimum wage

This is our opportunity Bride to step it up. Let’s do this.

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