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Last week while traveling from Florida, I received the notice that YouTube had taken down my biggest platform.

I had over 7,000 followers on there (that they let me know of anyway). Over the past two years they never let my numbers get past 7,600. They would float between 7,400 to 7,600. Then I attended the UN meetings where we learned from the CEO herself that they do this on purpose - IT'S CALLED FRICTION. If they do not like your voice, they will cause interruptions, stop recommending you, fudge your numbers, cause problems while you're LIVE, etc. Well, over the last couple of years they have removed the following channels from this ministry....

  1.  We are the Bride channel. - the beginning one 
  2.  Dr. June Knight - only had one strike on it and they removed it because they said I support Trump and his theory of losing the election.
  3. - had two strikes and one week away from having one of those strikes removed. They got me for a video I did four months ago about TRUMP!

So, isn't it weird that I'm getting removed over TRUMP when they know I'm exposing him. Hmmm. It's kind of like how Trump's people are the ones getting arrested - NOT HILARY. Hmmm.

We all know that my time online and being able to help you guys in this manner is coming to a close because....

  1.  Vimeo removed my channel that I paid for! They said my information causes harm to people. Same as what YouTube says!
  2. Also the fact that YouTube would turn down uploading a video they didn't like then so would Vimeo! Why? Because the blockchain had already logged that content and won't allow it up! (my assumption and theory).  

So, for right now since  the BEAST is removing all of my videos  and history of recording Trump's false agenda, please follow me here:

  1. YouTube - WATBtv NEWS
  3. APP - WATB App
  4. Facebook - Dr. June Knight Channel
  5. - On our Website

To be notified when I'm LIVE and where:

  1. Always a post on BAND OR EITHER LIVE THERE TOO.
  2. Always will receive a PUSH notification on our app (unless I can't)
  3. Through newsletter on

So, we know these days are coming to a close and I treasure every moment we do have together! Thank you for all of your support!


Dr. June Knight