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ORIGINAL AIR DATE - 8/16/21 - Dr. June Knight shares the Dallas, Texas America's Revival and the farce it was, with the Presidential Seal all over the stage. She exposes Greg Locke being part of the BLACKROBE REGIMENT. America First and Build Back Better all the same thing. Pointing out the IDOLATRY that is a stench in God's nostrils, to not touch the unclean thing. She reveals the Proud Boys all over the flags with Trump as their HERO. She then shows "MORE LORD KINGDOM," a new business rising for 'The Kingdom," the wrong kingdom, very masonic and witchcraft. With the apron. As above so below in their logo. Very satanic. Bethel TV attached to it. All obsessed with Gematria and Numbers. Revealing recurring numbers being satanic and NEW AGE AGENDA, says"'it represents Spiritual awakening," WHAT A FARCE! With Patriot churches rising in the country and Judeo Christianity all over the place, preaching that's the country's roots.