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China: Concern over Xi'an residents' midnight quarantine

A midnight eviction of some residents in the Chinese city of Xi'an who were later taken to quarantine facilities has sparked concern on social media.

Xi'an is at the epicentre of China's current Covid outbreak, and authorities have enacted drastic measures.

All 13 million residents are confined to their homes and cannot leave to buy food or supplies.

Authorities are hoping to eliminate the outbreak before Lunar New Year and the Winter Olympics in Beijing next month.

The situation in Xi'an has led to heightened tensions, with many taking to social media in recent days to complain.

Authorities have been providing free food to households, but some have said their supplies are running low or that they had yet to receive aid.



AHH - Ability to Human Hack

On this presentation at DAVOS 2020, he speaks about how the government knows more about us than we know about ourself. This confirms what I've been telling you about the cyber attack coming. They know enough about all of us to hang us publically (they can control video, audio, and text). Watch this:


Sarasota Sister Cities Association

Started from People-to-People program

Over 2000 cities involved.  Citizen diplomacy. People carve the path to peace.  

Welcome to Sarasota Sister Cities!

The Sister Cities Association of Sarasota (SCAS) is proud to welcome you to our global community right here on Florida’s gulf coast with men and women dedicated to building a better world with peace and understanding as Citizen Diplomats.

You make Sister Cities stronger  by adding your experience, skills, and enthusiasm to your association! You can help to advance our community and our mission on a global scale.

Together, we can find and train more skilled peacemakers, and provide lasting friendships with citizen diplomats in our Friendship and Sister Cities through exchanges in the arts and culture, youth and education, business and economic ties, community development, tourism, sports and medicine.

Through the Sarasota Sister Cities community, you can exchange ideas and build lifelong friendships with people who share your passion for friendship and service.

Take advantage of the resources and activities available through exchanges that our City Directors and their assistant Vice-City Directors engage in to make your experience with Sarasota Sister Cities both rewarding and fun.





“An ode to our common humanity: “One World – Out of Many, We are One.”

 Honoring extraordinary people and organizations

The One World Award is Sarasota Sister Cities premier international award that honors one remarkable individual and one organization that have enhanced “understanding and respect” among citizens of the world through their extraordinary work or volunteer service.

This award shines the spotlight on individuals and organizations that have demonstrated their continued ability to create and maintain strong bonds of peace and understanding among the world’s citizens through their extraordinary work and service to the community.

My Thoughts:

Sarasota Florida. There has to be a connection between all the things happening in Florida and their partnership with the United Nations. This association is in direct alignment with the Circular Economy, New World Order, Ecumenical Movement and all this. I also see the Noahides in this.  This is global unity called Global Citizenship. Look how long this has been in existence!  


National Engagement Seminar for Planning Guidance for Response to a Nuclear Detonation

National Engagement Seminars for Planning Guidance for Response to a Nuclear Detonation will provide an overview for considerations, planning factors, and available resources, to craft a successful response plan for nuclear detonations. We’ll provide updates on guidance for a wider range of nuclear detonations, including larger detonations and air bursts.



Conversion therapy ban receives royal assent, now law in Canada

No more preaching truth about LGBTQ or up to five years in jail!

The bill banning conversion therapy in Canada received royal assent on Wednesday, making it into law.

Bill C-4 makes providing, promoting or advertising conversion therapy a criminal offence.

The bill defines conversion therapy as the “practice, treatment or service designed to change a person’s sexual orientation to heterosexual, or to change a person’s gender identity to cisgender.”

READ MORE: Senate passes bill banning conversion therapy that includes new Criminal Code offences

It has been discredited by the American Psychological Association and the Canadian Psychological Association, among others.

In a tweet, Prime Minister Justin Trudeau called conversion therapy “despicable and degrading.”


My Thoughts:

We have seen the battle in California over conversion therapy. They do not want us converting people to their proper identity with God. The devil wants to label each person in his identity for them. Think about it. L G B T Q - why do people want to be labeled according to their sexual lusts? The devil wants to put their perversions on full display and cast their vomit. No. People are not their sexual preferences. This is an identity crisis. Conversion therapy is to help the human come back to their true identity and come out of the lie of Satan.