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Why Aren’t We Talking About Destroying COVID in Indoor Air? An Open Letter on How to Open America


Our technology is bringing millions of people back to the life they deserve. Already, schools that use our technology are back in session – your goal. But every school in America should be benefiting from the science. So should meat-packing plants, grocery stores, health clinics, arenas and restaurants struggling to survive. As more and more public health experts are recognizing, destroying COVID indoors is critical to ending the pandemic. I urge you and the nation’s governors and mayors to encourage – or, where you can, require -- the use of the best technology now. It is the missing link. Bringing America back depends on it

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The Science Behind ActivePure 2.0 from ActivePure® Technologies on Vimeo.

ActivePure Technology How It Works Video - V2 December 2021 from ActivePure® Technologies on Vimeo.

ACCORDING to their website:

Proven Efficacy in Both Laboratory Studies
and Real-World Settings

ActivePure is the technology proven to reduce pathogens in the air and on surfaces in real-time.

My Thoughts:

I went to a dentist one time who had this spraying the lobby. I turned around and walked out. I do not want this in the air. can we control it? This is where the blood of Jesus comes in. We are being assaulted on all sides. So, we can be knowledgeable about where this is and avoid it at all cost. You know its in all our schools. FYI.


What role should religion play when it comes to COVID-19 vaccines?

In search of a religious reason to avoid COVID-19 vaccine

The UN adopted an international right to freedom of religion more than a half-century ago. It also said that right can be limited when it’s necessary to protect public health.

One reason given for religious exemption requests is the use of fetal cells derived from terminated pregnancies to develop vaccines. But experts say this results from a misunderstanding of the actual science involved. They also note that truly avoiding anything developed using fetal cells would mean abstaining from aspirin and cold medication.

That didn’t stop one American pastor from pointing to the fetal cell issue as a reason to avoid vaccines. He died of COVID-19 in September.

A recent Ipsos survey for the World Economic Forum suggests that 8 out 10 workers in the world back workplace COVID-19 vaccine mandates, and only one in 10 say they'd try to find a way to avoid them. Many people take a dim view of citing faith to do so – one survey of Canadians found that 79% didn’t think there’s a legitimate religious reason to seek an exemption.

That hasn’t prevented the aggrieved from trying. About 5% of all employees of the state of Oregon in the US filed requests for exemptions to its COVID-19 vaccine mandate, and 90% of them were religious.



They are closing in on the Bride. This is why they've pulled the church in. They want to know what we think! Ugh!


Trump’s newest business partner: A Chinese firm with a history of SEC investigations

Shanghai-based Arc Capital, an investment firm that has been the target of probes by securities regulators, is at the center of the deal to take Trump’s media venture public.

A Chinese firm helping former president Donald Trump take his new media company public has been the target of investigations by federal securities regulators, who say the firm misrepresented shell companies with no products and few employees as ambitious, growing enterprises, documents and interviews show.

Arc Capital, an investment advisory firm based in Shanghai, has repeatedly helped create or finance companies with little or no revenue, no customers and office locations that point to P.O. boxes, according to a Washington Post review of regulatory and court filings. One claimed to be developing autonomous drone software despite having no employees; another said it operated a publicly traded in-home bakery “specializing in freshly-made cakes and cupcakes” before saying it pivoted into touch-screen technologies for a “diversified blue-chip client base,” regulatory filings show.
My Thoughts:
#ItsALLaFarce! They're all working together. As you know, WATB jumped ship on more social media channels yesterday. We are off DISCORD and we deleted our BRIDE SOCIAL. We are no longer on Facebook, Instagram, Twitter and WhatsAPP. I definitely encourage you Bride not to get on any of the Freedom Farce's networks.


CHECKPOINT CHARLIES ALREADY? Check out Travel Restrictions in Your State 

Travel Restrictions During COVID-19: 50-State Resources

To stem the spread of the coronavirus, certain states enacted restrictions on interstate and sometimes international travel. These often took the form of a quarantine for 10 or 14 days, which could be either mandatory or advised. A traveler often could avoid or lessen a quarantine requirement by getting tested for COVID-19 shortly before their trip or after their arrival. During the spring and summer of 2021, most travel restrictions were lifted or largely lifted, but a few restrictions and some advisories remain near the end of 2021.

Specific federal rules apply to international travel. US citizens, lawful permanent residents, and people immigrating to the US must provide a negative result from a COVID-19 viral test taken no more than one day before traveling by air into the US, or documentation of recovery from COVID-19 within the last 90 days. (Children under two are exempt.) Other travelers must provide proof of vaccination in addition to the negative test result, unless they are under 18 or fall within certain other exceptions.

The list below focuses on restrictions at the state level. Some county and city governments have adopted their own restrictions, which are generally not covered here. You may want to check the website of your local governing authority to find out about the most recent travel rules that may affect you.



**ACLU gives good info about checkpoints**