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 News Today: Dr. June Knight Unravels the truth about CRYPTOCURRENCY, DATA MINING, AND RFID CHIPS. She reads Cryptocurrency systems using the body's activity for data. She explores the iPhones and how they are tracking our every step. The Bride learns more about the data mining process. Bringing everything into the CIRCULAR ECONOMY. The Circular Economy will give you social credit scores based on performance, basically will award you on your obedience to the Beastly System. She then informs the Bride that the vaccine Comirnaty has been in South Africa this whole time, the reason we are finding about it in the states, is because more people would have resisted. Which brings us to the RFID CHIP. The RFID chip is connected to the cryptocurrency. It is "increased surveillance and eroded anonymity, and seclusion."  Dr June puts it as ' the RFID chip in your phone, they want to put in you.'  She encourages you Bride to get your houses in order and get your lamps full of the Holy Spirit, cause things are coming and you need to get ready.