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President Trump is endorsing liberal candidate Dr. Oz. This only proves Dr. June's point about Trump's America First platform is nothing but BUILD BACK BETTER - UN - for the conservatives. It is Democrats in a red dress.  This is what Dr. June has exposed for two years now about the partnerships with the LGBTQ and unholy.

Dr. June researched Dr. Oz's history. There are frightening facts that we need to consider on why Trump would endorse this Democratic-base candidate. His beliefs were not allowed on the old Republican platform. However, since Trump vomited all over the Republican party and flipped it to moderate Democrat-in-a-red-dress PARTY.

Don't forget that it was Romney's neice who was the president of the party when Trump was President. She is moderate as well and helped to partner with the Log-Cabin Republicans, gay organization, to corrupt the party while the Christians signed off on it.  This is sick!

Facts about Dr. Oz:

  • Pro-Abortion (up until he ran - he goes back and forth)
  • Muslim
  • From Turkey
  • Dual Citizenship - Turkey and USA
  • Groomed by Oprah Winfrey like Trump
  • Against Christianity - he had the GLAAD homosexual group speak on his show against Christian position of conversion therapy.  This is where LGBTQ converts to Christianity and turn from their wicked ways. The State of California has fought this for years! Now it's against the law to do this in California. OZ is anti-Christian healing of the soul.
  • Moderate (liberal)

I'm sure the Freedom Farce is grooming him to woo the Christians. (flipping his stance on abortion, etc). This is sick!

Look at this farce on ABC News!

"I've taken on Big Pharma, I've gone to battle with Big Tech," Oz said on Fox News in December. "I cannot be bought."

A political newcomer, Oz is facing off against David McCormick, a longtime hedge fund executive, in a competitive Republican primary. Both men have immense wealth, and some observers say Oz's investments could complicate his bid to connect with the Keystone State's blue-collar voting base.

According to the disclosure report, Oz, together with his wife, owns between $6 million and $27 million in Amazon stocks, between $1.7 million and $6.6 million in Microsoft, and between $1.3 million and $5.7 million each in Apple and Google's parent company, Alphabet Inc.

Oz and his wife also have between $615,000 and $1.3 million in shares of Thermo Fisher Scientific, between $15,001 and $50,000 in Johnson & Johnson, and between $50,001 and $100,000 each in CVS and the pharmaceutical company AbbVie.

Trump Declares Dr. Oz is Pro-Life! What a farce!

Trump Endorsing Dr. Oz:


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Trump's Promotion of OZ.


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