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December 7, 2021 - This is Dr. June's LAST news broadcast. She is reminding everyone about how the UN Beast Agenda is destroying the OLD WORLD/order of things. They are destroying the old social media to build up the new metaverse. President Trump is taking over the communications world. He is buying up social media like he just bought Rumble. This means that he now has the rights to ALL the data on this site. This is a terrible thing. He is taking over the media mountain. This is how they meant it from the beginning. Bring in Biden so that they will give Trump their soul. They have now raised one billion dollars for his media adventure.

We also exposed how he wants them to have FREE SPEECH AS LONG AS IT IS NOT AGAINST HIM OR HIS AGENDA. What a farce! We also talked about the Crypto Currency logo, the MAGA LION, and Alister Crowley's famous picture. THE CRYPTO LOGO IS ALISTER! It is Satanic. You cannot make this stuff up.

One other point about Trump calling his social media TRUTH. He wants ALL Christians to say out of their mouth....TRUMP IS TRUTH. It's a mockery to Jesus who IS the way, THE TRUTH, and the life. This is so that psychologically people who use this app will ALWAYS EQUATE TRUMP WITH TRUTH. Terrible!

Dr. June said her goodbyes to everyone as a White House Correspondent. The Lord is moving her to another mission which is writing books this winter. Who knows what will happen after that! In the meantime the ministry remains the same. Sunny will still do news everyday M-F on We still have our social We meet in Discord, bible studies M-F on our church channel -  @WATB Ministries  . We will still have church on Sunday. Sunny will also send newsletters every week and Dr. June will give a report to you on her progress. Thank you for supporting Dr. June as she writes and obeys God.

We are calling the Bride forth to send your videos to this winter of your expression. Can you sew, can vegetables, crochet, do muppets, etc.? Show the Bride. Do a video for 30 minutes to an hour and send to Sunny. Then you will just write a paragraph explaining what your gift from God is. You can share you testimony, etc. THESE ARE BRIDE TIME LIVE this winter! We look forward to meeting you!