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Washington - April 28, 2022- Report By: Dr. June Knight

President Biden appointed a woman to oversee the advancement of the LGBTQ rights a year ago. This works alongside the State Department.  The following information will lead to great persecution of the church if they try to stand up for holiness and God's word.


Jessica Stern, U.S. Special Envoy to Advance the Human Rights of Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual, Transgender, Queer and Intersex (LGBTQI+) PersonsBureau of Democracy, Human Rights, and Labor

04/28/2022 02:00 PM EDT

[State Dept] As you know, the administration has placed human rights at the center of our foreign policy.  And a year ago, in February of last year, President Biden issued his Memorandum on Advancing Human Rights of LGBTQI+ Persons Around the World.  And last June, he appointed Jessica to this very important position.  And now today, Special Envoy Stern is with us to unveil the first annual interagency report on the implementation of the Presidential Memorandum.  This is a product reflecting a whole-of-government approach, led by the State Department.

  • The Department of State, which set a historic precedent as the first federal government agency to offer the X gender marker on an identity document by providing, as of April 11th, the X gender marker as an option on U.S. passport applications. The X signifies unspecified or another gender identity.
  • The Department of State also launched a flagship program as part of the Biden administration’s Presidential Initiative for Democracy Renewal – the Global LGBTQI+ Inclusive Democracy and Empowerment Initiative, also known as GLIDE, that seeks to ensure democracies are inclusive of LGBTQI+ persons, representative of their communities and families, and responsive to their needs and concerns.  The new initiative builds on the track record of success under the Global Equality Fund, which has provided over $100 million in financial support to protect and promote the human rights of LGBTQI+ persons in more than 100 countries since its inception.
  • The Department of State also led the successful expansion of a United Nations resolution on elections to include sexual orientation and gender identity, becoming only the second resolution in the history of the General Assembly to do so and the very first via consensus.
  • From the Department of State, I want to move on to the Peace Corps, where approximately 60 percent of Peace Corps posts reported implementing specific LGBTQI+ equity practices within their operations, like hosting LGBTQI+ human rights organizations to inform in-country strategy and volunteer placement.
  • From there, we move on to the Department of Health and Human Services, which now ensures that its Notice of Funding Award Guidance includes clear guidance to support nondiscrimination.
  • And then on to USAID, which reinstated a reporting mechanism to track overall foreign assistance which advances LGBTQI+ human rights
  • And next onto the Department of Treasury, which is pursuing how to win shareholder support to promote strengthened safeguard protections for LGBTQI+ persons and how to foster stronger multilateral development bank implementation of existing safeguard policies for LGBTQI+ persons.
  • And then my last example for you comes from the Department of Homeland Security, which issued revised guidance to recognize informal same-sex marriages for the purposes of obtaining refugee or asylee status, even if they are not officially recognized by officials in countries of origin.