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President Biden Delivers Remarks on the COVID-19 Response and the Vaccination Program

See President Biden's official statement


Many DISTURBING things that the President has said that Dr.June points out:

1) First off light blue tie and UN BLUE background. 

2) He kept saying "follow the science above all," meaning doing away with FAITH. God's natural way.

3) 350 Million Shots given to the U.S.

4) "Pandemis of the UNVACCINATED, " as we have been paying attention to.

5) Rising cases of children in the hospital.

6) He states " Deaths decline because of vaccines. 70% lower than last winter,  vaccination to  those most at risk. SENIOR CITIZENS." 

7) Weekly Vaccines are up a MILLION A DAY.

8) 71% Have gotten the vaccine in the U.S. They want the 100%.

9) States that are lagging are Alabama, where Trump just had his rally in Cullman.


Bride we are the sheep, His sheep. "MY sheep hear My voice," are you listening to His voice today?